Vintage Lights in the Kitchen

Having vintage pendants hanging over kitchen islands is something you see a lot in current design magazines and blogs.  I think it looks great, especially with more traditional cabinets – it updates the room, keeps it current.  It can also add a very welcoming element to the room.


Vintage kitchen island pendants

Designer: Katy Naghavi; Photographer: Karyn Millet









Here are some options to get this type of look.


Vintage white pendants


Boathouse Industrial lights

These lights from Factory 20, a recent find for me of a wide range of vintage lights, would be great for this application.  Either as is with the vintage patina, or recoated for a pure white – or colored – look.  ($456 each)



Graphite vintage style hanging light


Ivanhoe Sinclair Porcelain Pendant

If you want the same look as above but for less, Barn Light Electric has an option in porcelain for $159 each.  This pendant is very thin in its vertical scale (would be an especially good option if you have lower ceilings), but has a great vintage look and feel.




Hanging glass light classic lightbulb

Restoration Hardware Barn Pendants

Restoration Hardware also has an option for above in its Vintage Barn Pendant, ranging from $199 to $499 depending on the size in a range of colors.   I also like the Glass Barn Filament Pendant for a variation on the look, especially if you like being able to see the bulb (assuming you use a vintage bulb).  I think the glass has a nice shape to it, and they are $129 each



Vintage style kitchen island hanging lights

Milk Glass Filament Pendant

The Milk Glass Filament Pendant offers a bit of color (if you consider white a color).  Given the polished Nickel fittings and the straight lines of the light, this has a more contemporary look to it.  Again, I would go with a unique lightbulb.




Milk Glass and Polished Nickel Pendant light

Clemson Classic Pendant

I think the Clemson Classic Pendant ($259-$379 each) is beautiful and fresh.  With the polished nickel band at the bottom and top cover, plus the milky white glass which lights up so beautifully when the pendant is on, these lights would make a space look updated and chic, but warm and inviting at the same time.



Graphite vintage style hanging light by Thomas O'Brien


Eugene Pendant Light

This light is a taller version, similar to the Clemson but with a uniform finish.  Available in Bronze (shown), Antique White, Antique Nickel or Hand-rubbed Brass, this light has a great shape, an updated vintage feel, and would be a beautiful addition to a kitchen. ($483 each for the large size)







Classic style milk glass and nickel hanging light


Hicks Pendant

For another variation in the look, this Hicks Pendant from Thomas O’Brien offers a beautiful rounded bottom in the milk white glass.  This light could be a nice option if you have a lot of sharp lines and edges in your kitchen, or if you wanted a softer look.


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