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LED light bulbs – will you ever spend $50 on a bulb?

  Yes, $50.  I can imagine most of you area saying “never” or “not a chance.”  But don’t dismiss it out of hand without considering the benefits.    (and not all of them are $50)   LED lighting is the next wave of lighting technology, and one of these bulbs might actually …

Acrylic chandelier for a children's room

Gummy Bear Chandelier

A quick post for today.  A reader sent me this link (thank you reader) for a chandelier (or as they call it “candelier”) made out of 3,000 acrylic gummy bears by the designer Kevin Champeny.   It’s certainly on the more expensive side, the large chandelier is $6,500 and a …

Christmas outside light ideas

Holiday Decorating Ideas

I am officially in the holiday spirit and was looking for some ideas to change things up, and have found some great inspirations for inside and outside the home.   I love this idea, especially for a holiday party or for Christmas Eve.  I think the candles are so pretty, …

grey and white table lamp

10 Great Table Lamps

    1. Simple Sophistication I love the understated elegance of this light, the Lens Table lamp from Best & LLoyd.  The decoration on the base creates interest without being overbearing, and the colors are chic and elegant.  I personally think this light would be perfect in a bedroom, either …

Modern dining room chandelier

High/Low – The Bar Chandelier

  Options for a Modern, Rectangular Chandelier with Crystals   HIGH  –  $5,995 A friend of mine who recently moved pointed out this light to me and how much she likes it.   It’s the Cellula Chandelier at Design Within Reach, it’s $5,995, and it is beautiful.  I love the simplicity …


If this was your house… Part 2

Part 2 –  Dining Room, Kitchen, Den and Bedrooms   Remember the house…             Now here are my thoughts for the rest of the house.   Dining Room So many choices for the Dining Room!  As mentioned in one of my previous posts (Lighting Guidelines …


Shopping for Lampshades

Lampshades are a great, easy way to impact the look of your room.   When I was looking for one to update a table lamp in my living room, I first tied the offline world, and found two shops in the Bay Area.  At one shop, the gentleman there thought that …

Iron Swing Arm Sconce with grey shade

Swing Arm Wall Sconces

Swing arm lights (also sometimes referred to as a type of wall sconce) are a great lighting option – for bedside reading, in place of desk lamps at a desk, in a reading nook, and as a possibility in some of those hard-to-light areas in your home.    Here is a …