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Outdoor light standing floor lamp

Outdoor Lighting

In time for summer, here are the highlights of my searches of a variety of kinds of outdoor lights – from decorative outdoor lights to fire pits, and expensive to inexpensive.

Outdoor light standing floor lamp

Havana outdoor floor lamp

Do you like your outdoor space to feel like an indoor living space in design, but with the beautiful outdoor atmosphere?  If so, this Havana Outdoor Floor Lamp can provide beautiful illumination to your outdoor area.  The base can either be a stake or a box, allowing for multiple installations and uses.  It provides a soft, diffuse light and I think looks great with multiple lights in a row, but could be used alone as well with great effect (probably will look more like a lamp in a living room if you have the kind of space outside that is set up almost like an indoor room).


Add a little pizazz and drama to your outdoor space with these lights – functionally they help light a walkway or illuminate a patio, and design-wise they are stunning.


Plastic outdoor lights in stone shapes




Outdoor Stones:   Made of weather resistant polyethylene, these lights look great on the ground and would add flair and a great soft, low, light to any outdoor space.




Illuminated outdoor Planter and drinks bucket



Sahara Planter:  Available in multiple sizes, these illuminated planters can spark up your plants at night, or can even double as a bucket for drinks – adding some drama to your outdoor party or bbq.





June 8 update: Luau Portable LampWhite diffuse light from indoor/outdoor portable LED lights

I just found these lights at DWR and I think they’re terrific.  They are $198 each (great if you don’t want to spend the $750+ for any of the lights above), they’re relatively large so they have good presence (15″ tall and 8.5″ wide), they are portable, LED (energy efficient!) and best of all don’t need a separate electricity source, they charge up and last for 8 to 10 hours.



outdoor hanging light

Mayday Light:  Here is a cool option for dining outside, if you don’t have a lot of light.  The Mayday light can hang on the rods of your umbrella, on a branch outside, or on an arbor.  They come in Orange or Black, so your options are either to spice things up with a little color, or have the black disappear into the dark.




String Lights

If you’re looking for something dramatic and fun but less expensive than the previous lights, string lights are fun.

String lights to decorate for an outdoor party


Restoration Hardware Party String Lights:  For a few of my evening outdoor parties I have wound these lights like these around my umbrella pole and around the posts of the umbrella and it has been terrific.   It adds light where I need it, but more so it creates a festive atmosphere.  There is something about these lights that just makes it feel like a party.



Outdoor string lights with iron caps

Pottery Barn Cafe String Lights:  If you want to create a Parisian feel for your party, these lights can do the trick easily and inexpensively.  Covered with galvanized iron caps, they would look great strung between trees, or from a fence to an umbrella.  Since they aren’t very heavy, you can be inventive about where to hang them.



candles outside in mason jarsMason Jar Candle Lights:  Another beautiful and inexpensive option are these mason jar lights I found on etsy.  I think they’re stunning in a group on a fence, and would be an easy project to put together yourself.    This etsy listing is for the hangers for the jars (the lid and chain).




Outdoor Fire Pits & Bowls


Modfire Modern design stand alone outdoor fire pit

I can’t write a post on outdoor lighting without having at least a few outdoor fire pit options.  I think one of the best ways to spend an evening after dinner is sipping wine and hanging out with friends by a fire pit.  I came across this one and thought it looked great:  I love the modern design, it stands alone by itself as a design element, and provides functionality!  They have options for wood burning, ethanol, and propane.


Outdoor wood burning firebowl with iron base and screen


Wood Burning Bowl:  For a less expensive option, this is a great looking wood burning firebowl with a spark screen.   It has a more rustic feel, but the clean lines keep it modern so it can fit into multiple backyards.



ethanol burning modern outdoor firebowl


Bio-Ethanol Bowl:  This outdoor firebowl operates with bio ethanol, so there is no smoke and no one has to move when the wind shifts.  With its extremely modern design, it would fit best into a backyard with very updated features.



Ethanol burning outdoor firebowl


Hampton Firebowl:  This by far is my favorite fire bowl/fire pit for value and design, but it seems to be out of stock on every website I check, except one Canadian Distributor (that I link to here).




Bedside reading light in bronze from Pottery Barn

Good Design, Great Value – Lights Under $100

Finding well designed lights doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money.  I was just in the office of friends’ startup in New York (a great clean, modern, airy space), and they had two great lights that I was surprised came from Ikea and Home Depot respectively.  It inspired me to write a post on lower priced lights.  For those on a budget, or who prefer just not to spend a lot on lighting, no light in this post is more than $100 (including shipping!).  You can create great ambiance with lights in your room for not a lot of money.

Table lamp with Walnut base and linen shadeHere is the aforementioned lamp from Home Depot, it’s the Illumine Table Lamp and is $99.38 with free shipping.





And here is the Ikea light.  In this picture I took in the office, it’s hard to see all the Glass Ikea Wall Light Lettersletters on the light but they show up clearly when you’re standing in the room. (and you can see them on the Ikea site I linked to)  It’s the Gyllen Wall Lamp, and it’s $39.99.  Unfortunately it is not sold on the website, but you can see if it is available at a store near you.    I think it’s a cool light, great for an office, could be great for a dorm room as well.




While I was finding the appropriate link for the Home Depot lamp, here are two more lamps I found under $100.  I think these could go in many places – an office again, a bedroom on a bedside table, even in a living room or family room.

Eglo Table Lamp brown base with white lampshade

Eglo Tosca lamp, $39.97 (and if you buy something else for $5.04 it is eligible for free shipping)




Asian inspired table lamp

Home Decorator’s Collection Mino Ming 31 inch lamp, $66.99  with free shipping.




Bedside reading light in bronze from Pottery BarnThere is something about a traditionally-styled light in a deep bronze I love.   Even with modern décor, this Harrison light from Pottery Barn would look great as a reading lamp on a bedside table or as a task light on a desk.  And at $79 only (plus $14 shipping), it’s a great price.





Outdoor Globe shaped String Lights Made with Mercury GlassFinally, jazz up your outdoor space with a string of these Mercury Glass String Lights from Pottery Barn.




And as they’re only $39 and come with free shipping, I suggest mixing in a string of the Outside String Lights with a Globe Shape Pottery BarnGlobe String Lights to create additional interest.  They are $35 for a 41’ long string (also with free shipping), so the total is $74.