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Pendant Light

pendant light in cottage bathroom

Choose lights out of the ordinary – Break the rules

I love coming across images of rooms where the designers have used lights in different ways.  I find I start looking at my rooms differently, wondering what I could change or do differently (in a good way).   Hopefully these images inspire you to think about how/where you would use lights …

Designer CFL lightbulbs

Don’t Forget The Light Bulb

When you are picking your lighting, don’t forget to think about using interesting or innovative light bulbs –  especially if you can see the bulb in the light fixture.   While many of us don’t relish the CFL bulb (except  for the energy benefits) some design firms like Holger are thinking …

Aqua Creations Jelly Fish inspired Table Lamp

Lighting Inspired by Nature

If you like nature and want to bring it into your home décor, what about with a light?  It can add interest, an organic feel, or in some cases a calming sense, to your design.  Designers have been creative with their inspiration from nature in designing the following lights. Superordinate …

Hanging Light from Tom Dixon with Copper Color

Lights of note – Part 2

Following up on my first post (Lights of Note – Cool, Modern, Unique), here is my next post about lights that have caught my eye as I have been looking through all the lights out there for other posts or to find lights for friends.  There is no theme to …


Lights in Black

Going in the opposite direction of my Glass & Crystal post, this whole post is dedicated to lights that are the color black. Biham Pendant Light This is the light that inspired this post. Very dramatic – I love the shape of the arms, the mix of black and clear …


Lights as Art

I was researching another blog post I am intrigued to write (black lights – and not the kind that clubs used to use in the 80’s to make white vibrant). As I was looking for those, I came across Lzf lamps and I needed to share them with you first.  …

Light on Bookshelf in Aero Studio Store

Glass & Crystal Bases

I love glass, and I especially love lamps with glass bases.    I do want to clarify that I wouldn’t fill my house only with table lamps with glass bases for interest sake –  there are a lot of fabulous lamps with bases other than glass or crystal – but I …

Ice Cube Pendant Light in Rock Crystal

Lights With Bling

When starting a post about lights with bling, you can’t get much more bling than with lights using Swarovski crystals. Swarovski has its own lighting site, Swarovski Architecture, in addition to working with designers from other brands who use Swarovski elements in their lighting designs. The range of lights using …