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pendant light in cottage bathroom

Choose lights out of the ordinary – Break the rules

I love coming across images of rooms where the designers have used lights in different ways.  I find I start looking at my rooms differently, wondering what I could change or do differently (in a good way).   Hopefully these images inspire you to think about how/where you would use lights that you wouldn’t normally think to.  Go for it, change it up a little and break the rules.


Modern Pendant in the Bathroom

Who says you need to have standard bathroom light fixtures?  This pendant adds depth and dimension to this bathroom, anchoring the sink-mirror-light vignette with it’s black color, including the cord.  And I love the placement of the mirror – you can look at the beautiful outdoors on either side while doing what you need to.  And the branch with green leaves is a beautiful addition – every little item contributes to making this a warm and yet chic sink area.

This light is the Gwenwood Wall Sconce from Urban Electric Co.

pendant light in cottage bathroom
Designer: Darryl Carter Photography: Simon Upton


Or this example, which is actually from Courtney Cox’s home as featured in Elle Décor, where you can hardly tell it’s the bathroom.  But it is, look closely and you can see the faucets.  It’s so relaxing, very much like a den, not as much like a bathroom.  And I absolutely love the reflection of the lights in the mirror.  I personally wouldn’t go so dark (I would have chosen a different marble for the wall behind the vanity), but that’s all personal preference.

bathroom with modern black pendant lights
Designer: Trip Haenisch Photography: Simon Upton


Under cabinet lighting in the Office

Forgoing the usual desk lights – which would have added clutter to this already tight space – the transFORM team choose under cabinet lighting for this desk space.  As someone who must have under the cabinet lighting in every kitchen I live with, I love the soft glow it gives the room in the evening, and I would imagine it provides great working light, and a cosy feeling to the desk area at night for any late nights at the office.



Wall sconces in Offices

The other alternative is to go with a wall sconce instead of a desk light.    This also leaves the desk area completely free for computeres, papers, pens, and other desk items, while still providing great task light.

In a child’s room


A more adult version



Recessed lighting for bunk beds

I love this lighting solution for these bunk beds.  Recessed lighting behind the heads on pillows ensures ample reading light, but nothing annoying to hit your head or arm on when you’re moving around in the bunk bed.  It also means fewer light conflicts with your neighbors when light may shine errantly into another space.  Especially when they smartly recessed the one set of beds further back behind the bookcase, to further eliminate light overlap.  And of course, I love the bedding and wall color choice against the white of the wood.  An all-around beautiful room.



Floor lamps as bedside reading lights

No need to stick to table lamps, especially when you can have floor lamps that also have a spot for your book.  Don’t like these floor lamps?  Find your own great lights, with a small bedside table (or not) and change it up from the standard table lamp on a night table.


Or, go with a pendant light.  Something with a little bling, something classic, or something with a modern take.  Here are some of my recent favorites.

A glass orb pendant on a single cord is simplicity itself.  This is a great idea if you like the minimalist look, or have an industrial loft.

A few options for this pendant light are the Globe Pendant light from West Elm, the Orb 1 Pendant light, the Tribeca 10in Pendant, and for something slightly different the Teardrop 3 Light pendant, all at Ylighting.


I love the combination of the pendants hanging from the wall and the pendant hanging from the center of the ceiling.  It’s a warm room with the wood, and the metal of the pendants is a nice contrast to bring interest.


If you’re looking or a little bling in your room, something like these pendants can add a little pizzaz to your room.  I think a pair of these small capiz pendants from West Elm would do the trick.


For something on the less modern side, this is a beautiful bedroom using wall sconces instead of pendants.  These look great, and leave the bedside table free for books, alarm clocks, and anything else you want within easy reach from bed.  I think this wall sconce is similar to the one in the photo.


Lastly, while not unusual at all in that it’s a table lamp as a bedside lamp, I just couldn’t resist adding this picture after I came across it.  I think this lamp is fabulous, and I love the flow of the glass, and while it’s transparent, you can see the character of the lamp clearly.

The light is called the Alba Lamp from Donghia

Designer CFL lightbulbs

Don’t Forget The Light Bulb

When you are picking your lighting, don’t forget to think about using interesting or innovative light bulbs –  especially if you can see the bulb in the light fixture.   While many of us don’t relish the CFL bulb (except  for the energy benefits) some design firms like Holger are thinking out of the traditional design and are trying new designs such as the Plumen, below.

Designer CFL lightbulbsIt’s $30, and I am waiting for mine to arrive.  (ok, it’s a bit expensive but it is a very cool design.  I just saw that West Elm also has it with free shipping.)   I think it’s such a great shape and would give the light a more dramatic look.   Don’t hide these bulbs behind lampshades!

Update:  I purchased one of these bulbs and they are as great as they look.  But be ready for their size: they’re twice as large as a regular light bulb.

Pairing Lights and Bulbs

If you don’t believe me, see in this example what an addition to the light the bulb makes to the light.  It’s a pretty pendant on its own, but so much more when it has the Plumen light bulb.

Blue Glass Pendant Light FixtureBlue Glass Pendant with Plument lightbulb








Restoration hardware has some great vintage lights, if you’re going for a more retro look.  I think the Hanover pendant from Simon Pearce paired with the Vintage Squirrel-Cage Teardrop Filament Bulb (only $15 for this designer bulb) would be terrific for a vintage or traditional design.

Hand Blown Glass Pendent bowl shaped Light fixtureVintage era designed lightbulb with exposed filament







For a slightly shorter bulb, the Nostalgic Edison-Style Victorian 40 Watt Light Bulb from BarnLightElectric.com ($15.95) is another great option.   Both bulbs would also look great with something like West Elm’s Glass Jar Pendants.

Vintage designed hanging light fixtures in the shape of jarsExposed Filament Victorian style light bulb








Another alternative is the chrome light bulb.  The chrome on the bottom half of the light bulb reflects the light light bulb covered half in chromeback into the fixture, thus eliminating annoying glare into one’s eyes, or one’s guests’ eyes.   This is a great solution if you love a light fixture for your dining room that doesn’t come with a diffuser, or open-end pendants over a kitchen island.  Of course, it will cut down on the light that is emitted, so be prepared for a darker room. Some light from another source (a table lamp or two on a sideboard or if you have an open floor plan light from another area) would be a good idea.


West Elm shows it here in their Glass Industrial Pendant.  This fixture also has the advantage of having light come out the top of the pendant, which would lessen the problem of having less light come out.  Or it would be great in a pendant like the Mistral Pendant, which has an internal reflective surface.  That would give a lot of light.  (the Mistral also has a very cool fan inside of it as well to provide heat or cool, depending on the time of year).

Clear Glass kitchen island Pendant light fixturePendant light with fan and interior reflective surface







How to pick Light Bulbs

If you’re like me, you don’t really know what is going on with light bulbs these days, and how to pick the CFL bulb that matches what you used to have with incandescent.   There are some good resources to get up to speed.  But one thing first – apparently LED technology is improving, and soon those lights will take over the CFL light bulbs.   They are able to make them give off the warm light that we all like, rather than that ethereal blue you usually see, and I understand they last even longer.  Also, apparently they do not contribute as much light pollution to the sky.   Hopefully the day we use them instead will come soon.  Here are the aforementioned resources in the meantime:

1. The Lighting Association has the best page I have seen yet on comparing the light from Incandescent, Halogen, CFL, and LED bulbs.  (also see it at the bottom of the post). It’s great, because not only does it tell you Lumens (which I haven’t really gotten used to thinking in), it actually compares it to the 100W bulb, the 75W bulb, the 60W bulb, and so on so you have a good idea.  And it does it all in one nice chart.

2. Energy Star has quite a cool interactive site which gives ideas on what shape of bulb to use where (spiral, tubed, globe, etc), as well as shows the difference between soft white and bright white and with a dimmer.

3. And if you really want to go deep, the Lumen Coalition has quite an in depth site to educate yourself on energy saving choices you can make with lighting around your home.

Light bulb comparison chart

The Lighting Association Light Bulb comparison chart

Aqua Creations Jelly Fish inspired Table Lamp

Lighting Inspired by Nature

If you like nature and want to bring it into your home décor, what about with a light?  It can add interest, an organic feel, or in some cases a calming sense, to your design.  Designers have been creative with their inspiration from nature in designing the following lights.

Superordinate Antler Pendant 6XAntler inspired hanging light fixture

I love this pendant (I would call it a chandelier as I would argue the lights on the arms of the fixture but that’s just me) for its simplicity and modern feel, and its ease in evoking the idea of antlers.  It is made out of ceramic, and in addition to lighting your space will add interesting shadow designs on your walls.  It comes in multiple colors and finishes, which I think is interesting.  The white definitely evokes nature with a modern feel.  The Red, Gold, or Chrome versions would be a much more modern feel and would lose a lot of the nature feel.  It all depends what you’re looking for.


Table Light with white ceramic base and white lampshade


Cassidy Table Lamp

The site doesn’t reference this being inspired by nature in the description, but this table lamp base reminds me of Cala Lilies or tube plants that grow in the ocean.  The base is made of satin white porcelain, and the lampshade is white silk which the site indicates would offer a diffuse wash of light.  I think it’s would lend a great organic element to any design.



Brown and white pendant light fixture great for kitchen lightingCuttle Pendant

I presume this pendant light was inspired by the Cuttle Fish given the name and it’s reminiscence to the colors of a cuttle fish.  I think this light would add a little drama to your space, and I like the petal-like flare at the bottom of the light.  This light can use a Xenon lightbulb, or an LED lightbulb which makes it especially energy efficient.  It looks especially great lit up, as you can see in the room shot below.

Cuttle Pendant Light in Room setting










Deer Antler Table Lamp with Black lampshade



Forest & Shade Table Lamp

This lamp actually brings in true nature as it is made from naturally shed deer antlers.  I presume that they also trim the antlers to get this great shape that lends itself with the upward antler heading to the lampshade.  With the Black parchment lampshade it has a stand out modern look.  The white or oyster linen shade options would soften it, and it would tend to blend more into the surroundings.



Table Light with Juniper wood base


Gin Twist Table Lamp

The base on this table lamp provides all the drama and design, and is made from continuous white and dark juniper wood.  I love the sculptural feel to the base, and think the play of down light when lit would beautifully highlight the wood of table light base.




Deer Antler Floor Lamp great for a rustic home or decor


Forest and Shade Floor Lamp

The Forest and Shade line also comes as a floor lamp, which must make searching for the antlers a full time job for someone.  You can also get a sense for the difference between the white and the black lampshade on this fixture.   The Gin Twist lamp also comes in a floor lamp size, but I prefer it in the smaller size because I think the proportions they have are better.  That said, you could always buy a taller lampshade for the Floor Lamp to change the proportions.




Rope ChandelierWest Elm Chandelier lighting fixture

No animals evoked here, but I think the natural feel of the rope that makes up the arms and base of this chandelier add a softening element to this fixture, and interest.  I see this chandelier fitting well in a contemporary design setting, with white walls (and not just because it is pictured that way).  I think it sets off the rope and doesn’t make it look dirty in the way a darker off-white might.  Taupe is another color I think this light could work well with, in that setting the light will blend in more with the walls and not stand out as much.


Morning Glory Collection

These lights would easily be at home in my Lights as Art post as well.  These lights are an artistic take on an inspiration from nature.    I love the fabrics and frames they have used to create these lights, the textiles really add to the organic feel.  Pictured below (left to right) are the Morning Glory Table Lamp, the Dippa Table Lamp, the Dippa Pendants, and my favorite, the Please Don’t Go Table Lamp in red. I would love to have that one in my office!

Morning Glory Inspired Floor Lamps by Aqua Creations Dippa Table Lamp designed by Aqua CreationsAqua Creations Dippa Pendants

Aqua Creations Jelly Fish inspired Table Lamp








Light Rainforest ChandelierBlack Iron branch chandelier

July 31, 2012 – I just came across this lovely chandelier from Currey & Co thatI felt should be added to this post. This is a hand-forged wrought iron chandelier has 14 candle lights tucked in the branches, and I am sure they would cast the most interesting shadows as well as light the fixture beautifully.




Waking up with the Sun

It has been proven that it is easier to wake up with the sun, and of course lighting manufacturers have been making alarm clocks for a while now to mimic the increasing light from the sun in your room – even if it’s the dead of winter and there is no light outside. These lights also come with sound and radio features.  Two well reviewed lights I found on Amazon are the Philips Wake Up Light (below, left) and the BioBrite Sunrise Clock (below, right – also available with a black base).

Alarm clock that mimics a sunriseAlarm Clock that lights up to wake you up naturally

Hanging Light from Tom Dixon with Copper Color

Lights of note – Part 2

Following up on my first post (Lights of Note – Cool, Modern, Unique), here is my next post about lights that have caught my eye as I have been looking through all the lights out there for other posts or to find lights for friends.  There is no theme to this post, except lights I think are great and worth sharing.  Without further ado, here we go.

Sabina Pendant Light in Lime Green and steel with cutouts

There is something about lime green that I love, and in fashion admittedly only a few can wear the shade, but everyone if they so desire can have it in their homes!   If you’re prepared for color, this one is pretty cool.  I think this would look great in a foyer/entry area, or as a light in a kitchen.  It almost has a bird cage feel to it, and I think they have captured lightness and playfulness with this light.




Estiluz Infiore PendantLime Green and White Pendant with panels, great for a kitchen design

I think this light would make a really fun kitchen light, with the fresh green on the panels, offset by the white up top.  The shape is pleasing to the eye and playful, and with a diffuser below there would be no glare in the eyes from this hanging light.  The one thing to note is that it is actually a pretty small light, with a diameter of 8 5/8”.  At that size, I think it would be nice over an eat in kitchen table in a nook.  I feel like 3 of these lights in a nice pendant row would be too much.


Etch Light Web Copper

If you like geometric shapes, I think this Hanging Light from Tom Dixon with Copper Colorhanging light is amazing.  Just the construction of it is wonderful, it’s so unusual and unique, and I love the color. I have been looking at a lot of lights, and it’s unusual to see a copper colored light.   I think it has a lot of uses – It would be great in a foyer, hallway, in a living room, or even in a child’s room (especially if they like shapes, numbers, and things like lego).  I think this light is prime for encouraging imaginations.


Base Table Light

Another great accent light, this one is from Tom Dixon.  Following on the Etch light, Accent Light from Tom Dixon with Copper Shade and Metal Basethis one also has a copper colored shade, and I love the contrast of the black metal base with its legs and edges, and the smooth, round copper colored shade.  With the heavy shade this table lamp isn’t going to give a lot of light out (except at the bottom under the shade) so don’t look for that from this lamp, but true to its name, it is a fantastic accent to your room.  I think it would make a great accent light on a small desk, small accent table, or on a bedside table.

Panorama Glaciares

This is a fantastic ceiling light.  I really like the contrast of the steel and stone, and I Hanging Light in Steel and Selenite Stonethink the light behind the stone would be beautiful and this hanging light would be a gorgeous part of your home.   Made from a steel body and Selenite Stone, it is 60lbs, so you really need to have a professional installer for this one, and a good beam to hang it on.  It can accommodate 10 60 watt bulbs, so it would give off a lot of light.   I think it would be wonderful as an entryway light (needs to be a big entryway – the light is 30” to 36” in diameter) or as a hanging light in a great room.

*Lighting Tip*  General guidelines for foyer lights is to have it hanging 7’ from the ground, and since the standard drop for this light is 5’, you’re looking for at least 12’ ceilings.  I think the same general guidelines would work for a great room as well.   But rules are meant to be broken, so if you love the ceiling light and the diameter is right for your room, I say go for it.  You can get this light with different lengths of drop.


Felt Shade Light

3 Pendant Light with Grey Felt Shades

The last light in this post is the Felt Shade Pendant Light from Tom Dixon.  I love the soft feel of this light that comes from the shades being made of felt, I love the grey color of the outside of the shade, with the white color inside to reflect more light from the bulbs.   I think this light could look terrific in the corner of a room to add interest and light (maybe even instead of a table lamp), over a staircase (with the different levels of the pendants) or in a kid’s room.Felt Pendant Shade in Grey and White

Biham Pendant Light

Lights in Black

Going in the opposite direction of my Glass & Crystal post, this whole post is dedicated to lights that are the color black.

Biham Pendant Light

This is the light that inspired this post. Very dramatic – I love the shape of the arms, the Pendant Light in Black Acrylic with glass crystalmix of black and clear glass crystals, and the finish on the piece. Technically it is not a chandelier (the lights are not on the arms), but it would add glamour instantly to any space. And while it’s modern, it has a nod back to a slightly more traditional, more opulent time period. One thing to note is that it only has one 60 watt bulb, so how much it is going to light your room depends on how big it is. I have a 60 watt bulb in my dining room which is 11’ by 10’, and it works well. However, it has a light colored shade, and I have an open concept area that allows me to augment the lighting in my dining room with light from other sources. I would highly recommend this light if you like it, in a dining room setting as long as it isn’t too big, or if there is a way to provide other lighting (lamps on a sideboard, recessed lighting you can dim, lamps in a living room if it’s open concept, etc). Or, of course, if you like really low lighting for a very dramatic space. It would also look great in the corner of a living room for some real punch.Black Acrylic Chandelier with Glass Crystals

Capella Chandelier

Here is the sister light, a little less drama with this one, but it still packs a punch.



Black Metal Modern Pendant LightMira Pendant Light

This light is straight out modern, and would fit into a contemporary or modern design scheme.  Again, it only has the one 60 watt bulb (always a good thing to check out how much light any fixture will actually give off), so it would have the same recommendation as with the first lights – either there to add drama and some ambiance to your space, or in a place where other lights can augment it.


Bluma Pendant Light

I pinned this Pendant light on Pinterest and it got a lot of repins, so I think it’s a favorite Bluma Pendant Light with steel shade and gauze fabricof a lot of people.  For me personally, it’s the sparkle behind the dark, I love the mystery and glamour it adds, without being the only thing you would notice in a room.  I was in an restaurant last night (forgot to take pictures!) and they had lights with a similar effect and everyone commented on it.  This light comes in two sizes, with either 5 25 W bulbs (for 125 Watts of light) or 7 25 W bulbs (for 175 Watts of light), which is a lot of light.  Buy a dimmer so you can change the mood of the dining room (where I think this fits best).


Pitch Acrylic Cutout Pendant LightPitch Pendant Light

I love the cut out design on this laser cut acrylic shade.  Not only is the light beautiful, but it would cast really interesting shadows on the walls.  At 12” it’s on the small side for a pendant light, so probably not dining room material, but it would look great in a hallway or foyer, or if you had a large enough space to put a few of them in a row (e.g. in a great room with high ceilings as a row over a console table at the back of a sofa).


Mischeif Chandelier Black Ornate


AF Lighting Mischief Chandelier

While I tend toward the more modern, this light caught my eye.  It’s on the more elaborate side of design, but I think the black color gives it a modern edge.   I like it for someone who has a style where they prefer the more ornate or decorative.



Studio Jota Caos LightCaos Black Pendant Light Wood Fixture

Now this light is an attention getter.  Not only for the black color, but for the shape (I think it’s very aptly named).  It’s actually made out of wood, and each one is handmade.  It’s also currently (as of 4/20/12) only available in NYC, so you lucky people in that city have this one all to yourselves.



Now moving into lights in black, but the slightly less dramatic.  Two pendants I love that are more simple in shape and style, but still add the punch that black delivers.

Black Metal Hanging Pendant Light from Urban Electric Co.


Urban Electric Co. Carlyn Single Pendant

This pendant is simple and elegant, yet the bar around the top above the lampshade adds and extra touch that sets this light apart.  It also comes in a fixture with two lights, but I like this single one.



West Elm Black Linen Drum Shade Pendant

West Elm Short Drum Pendant

For a lower priced black pendant but one that is still simple and elegant, this West Elm Drum Pendant in Black Linen is also simple and elegant.   At 25” in diameter, this light would fit well in a dining room that is 10’ by 15’, or something in that range.



Black Modern Walker Desk Lamp

Lights Up Walker Table Lamp

I love the simplicity of this table lamp.  I think it would be terrific as a desk light, with a 100W capacity, it would be a great task light, either in a home office or in an external office where you want to add some task lighting or a sense of style to your cubicle or office.   And it’s not a bad price at all at $144.  (see all lights and prices on my Featured Lights page)



Vault Pendant LightBlack Pendant Light Conical

I love this one for the simplicity of the shape, and the powder coated finish (which is more matte).  It comes in a large enough size to be on its own as a light, (23” in diameter), but I really like it as a small pendant (14.5” in diameter).  I imagine it hung in a row over an island countertop in a kitchen.  It takes a 75 W bulb, so it can give off some good light for a small fixture.


West Elm Industrial PendantWest Elm Industrial Black Metal Pendant Light

Now the vault comes at a pretty price  – $350 for the small size – so if you like that light but your budget doesn’t allow for it, West Elm has a light that can give you a very similar feel.  They have four sizes, and range in price from $19 to $149.  They come with a glossier finish, but I think would also look sharp in the medium or large size hung in a row.  And for fun, you could also mix in the colors.


Royan Floor Lamp with multiple lights


Royan Floor Lamp and Royan Chandelier

Now on to a floor lamp that has a retro modern feel to it, that also comes in a hanging light fixture.  These lights actually have an antique bronze finish so technically they’re not black, but since the finish is so dark and the lampshades are black, I’m including them here (plus I think they look great!).   I think the floor lamp would be fantastic for an office or den of many different styles, or a living room if it’s designed in the retro/modern style.



Royan Black and gold Chandelier

The chandelier version of this light I imagine in an office (as pictured here), or den.   It’s not a “soft” light and it’s very minimal, so this one is pretty décor specific (i.e. modern minimalist) if you’re going to use it as a dining room fixture.  I think it’s a little more flexible in other applications.





Binary Hand Blown smoky glass pendant



Binary Hanging Lamp

I just love handblown glass, and I think this smoky colored pendant is beautiful.  Especially with the twin bulbs which you don’t see often, I think it’s somewhat mesmerizing actually.




Tom Dixon Cone Light LargeTom Dixon Black Metal Cone Light Pendant

Beautiful, elegant, and oh so modern.   I like the two lamps they show in a more office type setting, I think it would be really cool in a white space with a very open feeling.  At 29”, this is a large pendant, and with the black color, it needs some space around it.


Tom Dixon Black Light with Gold interior

Tom Dixon Beat Light – Fat

I confess with this next light I haven’t really figured out where I would put it, or what style it would look best with (although something along a Moroccan feel comes to mind), but I think the shape is so intriguing I had to include it.  I welcome your comments and thoughts on what to do with this light (as well as all the lights).

LZF Agatha Pendant Light  ~$2,000-$3,000

Lights as Art

I was researching another blog post I am intrigued to write (black lights – and not the kind that clubs used to use in the 80’s to make white vibrant). As I was looking for those, I came across Lzf lamps and I needed to share them with you first.  I think these lights are gorgeous works of art, and anywhere you have one it will be a conversation piece.   Plus, as of today (April 18) there is a 30% off sale on these lights on ylighting.com.  (They are also offered on allmodern.com as well).

These lights are designed by multiple designers under the one brand, and they appear to be handmade.  And while that enhances their beauty, it also enhances the price unfortunately for those who fall in love with them.  So beware, these lights are mostly all above at least $1,000, and some are double that.  These are definitely modern pieces, I think they are most suited for a modern space, but if you were ready for a statement you could fit one into a contemporary design scheme.  But no traditionally designed houses for these lights.

Here are my favorites:

Link Floor LampLZF Brand Living Room Floor Lamp with Tripod Base

What a floor lamp!  I love the lampshade area (seems too much to just call it a lampshade), I love the base and the way they bring it up into where the light bulb is mounted.  I think it’s another great unique take on the tripod base.  All of these lights come in shades ranging from Orange, Red, Green, Grey, Yellow (seen here), and more neutral colors like American White Wood, Cherry, or Beech.  Even with the neutral colors these lights will stand out.





Talk about a pendant light.  I think all three of these are gorgeous.   The only challenge will be to have a space large enough to accommodate lights with so much presence.  But in a room that is large enough, one of these would be a sensational dining room lamp.

Dining Room Hanging Pendant Light Fixture


Anfora Floor Lamp

This light can be hung as a ceiling fixture, but I think it’s spectacular as a floor lamp, or a low hanging light as they show in this picture on the Lzf website (Esquire House shown in Esquire Magazine).  They would also be interesting as two floor lamps on either side of an entry into an interior courtyard, or if you have a long hallway that needs lighting.

Anfora Hanging Pendant in Living Room Setting







Armadillo Pendant Light Fixture

This is a great simple hanging pendant, with a lot of style that would add a punch of color to any room.   It could be over a kitchen counter in an open floor plan area (it needs some space with all that color), could be in a child’s room, or in a lounge/family room.



GeaLZF Brand Gea Pendant Light

Beautiful in its simplicity on its own, it is stunning in a grouped installation.   I think this image is clearly a more commercial application, but you could also use them alone or in a group of 3 in the small size down a hallway, or in a kitchen application.


Gea Lights Grouped Installation







The light in the middle of this picture below is the Link chain, and I think they’re gorgeous.  (You may also notice the shape is the same as the floor lamp I started with).  The long version could be used over a stairwell or in the foyer of a modern style home.  The short one could be anything – dining room light, hanging light in a living room, in a tv room, and so many more places.

LZF Brand Link Pendant lights, perfect for a foyer light

X-ClubX Floor Lamp great for a child's room

Shown here as a table lamp, they also have it as a floor lamp on the brand’s site.  I think the floor lamp would be wonderful in a child’s playroom, a classroom, in a creative office, or anywhere else to where you want to convey playfulness and inspire creativity.



OnionOnion Shaped Pendant Dining Room light

I think the Onion light would be a great dining room pendant.  It comes in both vibrant colors (including a multi-color light which is great) as well as a few neutrals.  I would go all the way with this one in the vibrant color, I think the contrast with the interior globe shows this light at its best.



I Club Table Lamp

Perfect for a desk, including in a teenager’s room, I would find using this desk lamp so pleasing it would help with my productivity.   For some reason, this lamp makes me think of Apple products.  I think it’s the clean lines and simplicity of the design.

Modern style Desk Lamp

Light on Bookshelf in Aero Studio Store

Glass & Crystal Bases

I love glass, and I especially love lamps with glass bases.    I do want to clarify that I wouldn’t fill my house only with table lamps with glass bases for interest sake –  there are a lot of fabulous lamps with bases other than glass or crystal – but I am drawn to them.   Here are a few I have found in my online, and now offline, travels.

Recently in New York, I stopped into the Aero Studios store, started by designer Thomas O’Brien.  A very cool store packed with many eclectic and beautiful things, I recommend going there if you’re anywhere in the neighborhood (it’s in Soho).    His lighting designs are produced by Visual Comfort & Co.

Small Light with Square Glass BaseI saw this small light on the bookshelf and fell in love with it immediately.  It’s called the Terri Cube Light, with a base of Crystal and polished silver fittings.  I think it packs quite a punch for such a small light.  I love how they have it displayed on a bookshelf, I think it would add an unusual dimension to lighting in any home.  You could also use it as a small bedside lamp, or on a console table.

Light on Bookshelf in Aero Studio Store














Ochre Glass Base Light with Black LampshadeAnother thing with glass lamps is the ability to add color with the lamp itself.  The color of this particular glass base is subtle enough to be flexible in many rooms and design schemes.  This shot was taken in the New York Store of Ochre on Broome Street.  On the website you can see that this table lamp comes in a variety of base colors as well as different lampshade colors.  I was drawn to this combination in the store, but like a lot of the other combinations they have on the site as well.




Crystal Base Table Lamp Nickel Pipe Wood Veneer Lampshade

I found this excellent light at the Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams Store (it was a great afternoon of stepping into a lot of home stores!). It’s called the Channing Table Lamp and I love the brushed nickel pipe that goes through it.  I love the simplicity but also thought this was a great solution for what to do with the cord given the clear base.  The base is crystal, and comes with three different lampshade colors.  With this particular dark lampshade, all the light comes out the top and bottom of the light which is important to pay attention to.  This light would add a lot of ambiance and style, but if you’re looking for it to also add a lot of light to the room, you would want to consider one of the lighter options for the lampshade (there is a natural wood veneer and a white parchment that would let a lot more light out into the room).


Aero Studios Cynthia Clear Base Table LampWhile I was looking for the Terri Cube light on the Aero Studios site, I saw a similar lamp to the one above – the Cynthia Block Table Lamp.  Running a metal pipe through a clear base appears to be a possible design trend.   I personally prefer the lamp from MGBW because you don’t see the light pulls from any angle, but that is just personal preference.  There are no prices on the Aero Studios store website but the MGBW light is $545 in the configuration I have shown.



Lastly, I can’t write this post without a light from one of my favorite glass blowers, Simon Pearce.  Many of their table lamps are a little more on the traditional side – good if you have that style.  They could also be good for other styles if you find the right modern lampshade to go with it, to add a little mix of styles.

There are a few modern shapes on the site as well.  I love the Nantucket lamp for it’s shape alone, but also for the ingeniousness of being able to add different accents into Hand Blown Glass Table Lampthe lamp.  So cool, you could change it up a different times depending on your whims and desires.  You could have Christmas ball ornaments of different colors at the holidays, plants or flowers during the spring, sand toys in summer (if you were at a beach house), branches in fall, mementos from a trip… and on.  The possibilities are endless and I love the incredible ability it offers to personalize your table lamp.



Hand Blown Glass Lamp with Swirls on Base

I also love the shape and texture of the Stowe lamp, it would add some nice interest to a living room.  I would change out the lampshade for my style personally, but it is a beautiful lampshade and if it suits your design style (as I think it would for friends of mine who have an older home on the East Coast), it’s a great lamp as displayed on the site.



Hand Blown Glass Hanging Pendent LightFinally, a glass pendant light.  It doesn’t technically fall into a glass or crystal base category given that it’s a hanging light, but it’s so beautiful I had to include it anyway.  I love the fact that these lights are handblown by artisans, each one unique and beautiful by that alone.

Ice Cube Pendant Light in Rock Crystal

Lights With Bling

When starting a post about lights with bling, you can’t get much more bling than with lights using Swarovski crystals. Swarovski has its own lighting site, Swarovski Architecture, in addition to working with designers from other brands who use Swarovski elements in their lighting designs. The range of lights using those elements is from traditional to modern, so you can find anything in your style.

On the Swarovski site itself, they tend towards the more fantastical, with amazing artistry. There are two I really like, both in their Crystal Palace Collection. These lights have a lot of presence, so you really have to be ready for that in your design and have the right location for them. But adding these crystal inspired lights can be a lot of fun.

Ice branch shaped light in Swarovksi crystalsThe Ice Branch Pendant light – This nature-inspired light would do the joint job of adding a natural element to your design as well as glamour – not something I thought I would find myself saying in a post about lights with bling. It’s a statement light that could be the key bit of sparkle or surprise in an otherwise not so sparkly design, or hold its own in a room with a lot of texture, layering, and unique furniture pieces.

The Cascade light – I think this is an amazing light just for its creativity – and it was truly a creative and artistic design mind that came up with it. This light can be installed either ceiling or floor mounted and I just love the idea that they thought of a light that actually starts from the Cascading Swarovski Crystals form a lightfloor. It would definitely take home with high-design to incorporate this light fixture. This is not a light you casually integrate into your décor, or one that you use easily to provide a little bling. This one is an over the top statement, and would need the surroundings to be able to support that, especially with dark walls to set it off. But what a statement!

I also found a number of great lights with bling on the CL Sterling & Son site, in their Rock Crystal Collection. I think these lights can be incorporated into many different design styles, would add some fun and glamour to a space, but don’t require the high-design home that the Cascade does.

This Orb pendant is wonderful, and I love the juxtaposition of the rustic and the Rock Crystal Orb Shaped Pendent lightcrystal in this image from their website. I am a big fan of contrasts like that, I think they create a lot of interest and make your home an interesting and unique place. I think this light looks sophisticated and would add some panache without going overboard.




Rock Crystal Ice Cube Shaped Pendant LightThe other light I like of theirs is in the same rock crystal, but a different shape which I haven’t seen very often with this glittery type of hanging light.  It’s called their Ice Cube Pendant light.  (see RC 46 on the bottom of the page the link takes you to for the Orb, and 50 for the Ice Cube Pendant)Close Up of Rock Crystal and Metal Light fixture

A nice feature of both of these lights is they can of course be fitted with either incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs. They are both made out of recycled Lead Crystal, and I love the close up where you can see the individual crystals and how they’re attached to shape the hanging pendant.

Finally, the Illusion 900 line from Glow Lighting adds bling, but in a more understated way. The Illusion 900 line is one that uses the Swarovski crystal elements. They combine silk lampshades with the crystals hanging out from the bottom – again, a great contrast between the classic silk and the shiny crystals. I think they are sophisticated, but not boring.

Glow Light with Silk Shade and Crystals In the Pearl Grey Silk shade it would have great presence unlit, as well as a wonderful look when the chandelier is lit. In the neutral tone of the Pearl Grey, it would add an interesting new layer to a neutrally-toned room design.


For some color punch, the red shade is a great piece. I like it in the more tapered lampshade shape, somehow it fits better with the liveliness of the color for me. Usually when choosing a color for a major Light created with Red Silk Lampshade and Swarovski Crystalspiece in the room (furniture, rug, lighting, etc), you’re making a long-term commitment. The great thing with this light is that it comes as a kit, and you can order the shades separately. So you can change out the color over time to change up the look and feel.


I would love to have this light in my home with the Pearl Grey Lampshade. I like it’s presence, the color (neutral but not boring), and has that little bit of bling to add presence that I would like. But sadly it does not fit my dimensions. At 16” across on the bottom, it’s only an inch and a half more than my current light, and not the full 21-26” I need per the standard lighting tips for Chandelier sizes. (more on lighting guidelines to come in a future post). Onward to other lights.

Translucent Glass Pendant Light

A few Lights of Note — Cool, Modern, Unique

A light can make a real addition to the design of a room, not just the ambiance or ability to see. A lot of us think about pendant lights and chandeliers from a design perspective, but table and floor lamps can also have a big impact. I was reminded of this when I was looking at a feature in the February 2012 edition of House Beautiful where they did a re-design of a living room in one day. As I looked up from that feature to my living room, my eye went immediately to my table lamp (a Simon Pearce piece I love) with the same lampshade it’s had since I bought it some 7 years ago. I started to think that a different shade would add a nice new dimension to the room (and for not a big budget amount). I eventually found one (I’ll leave the lampshade search process to another post) and it really does change the room in a good way. And that was just a lampshade.

With that introduction, here are a few lights of note (pendants, table lamps, and floor lamps) I have come across. Ones that I think are unique and interesting, and sure to add design to your room just by themselves.

Modern Table Lamp -

Modern Table Lamp with Cement base and Wood Lampshade


I found this table lamp browsing on Etsy (for the aforementioned lampshades), and loved the juxtaposition of the concrete and the wood veneer. Assuming the wood veneer has been well put together, it would be a very cool piece in a more modern setting. It’s 17.5” tall and 3” by 3” square, so it’s a great table lamp for a smaller area – a nightstand or desk – or as part of a vignette on a table.


 Grouping Pendant Lights for a Dining Room -
Love a light but it’s not the right scale for your dining room? Consider hanging multiple of the lights together in a row. I loved this grouping of the Orbita Pendant Light in a room designed by Sally Markham and Photographed by Thomas Loof in a feature for House Beautiful in June 2011. (see the lights above the dining room table behind the sofa in the picture below)  They’re such interesting lights and they really help create the dining room look, but don’t overpower the entire space. Interestingly I don’t think the lights look particularly good on the ecommerce site I found them on, so it shows that sometimes you have to use a little imagination.Sally Markham dining and living room design with hanging pendant lights


Rosebud Hanging Pendant Light -Outdoor Hanging Light in Acrylic

For something truly unique, I thought this hanging light was fascinating. Apparently made for an outdoor setting – and thus built with the appropriate UV and waterproof materials – I love the shape and energy of this light. It looks like fabric and has the flow of it, but it’s actually made out of acrylic. It’s a good example of the very unique lights that are available, but that require a lot of hunting. Hopefully you’ll find them here on my blog.


Great Translucent Pendent Light –
Hand Blown Sculpted Crystal Glass Pendant light

This Infinity Pendent from John Pomp Studios has such a modern feel, and gives you something unique as it’s different than the standard shaped pendant light as well as the unique light bulb they have used. The way the glass is flowing it also brings in a little of a natural vibe as well, and I think it could almost feel a bit vintage. It really has such versatility, and could be used singly, three in a row, or even a more diverse collection. On the Studio site they display images of a number of these lights together at different heights which would look great in the right location in the room.


Another Cool Pendent Light -Cloud Shaped White Grey Glass Hanging Pendent Lights
While we’re on pendent lights, one look I like is hanging pendent lights over nightstands (as opposed to table lamps sitting on the night stands). I did it in my guest bedroom, and I’m starting to see it a little more in magazines. I like the look of it, plus it’s also functional as it leaves the nightstand free for books, alarm clocks/radios, and the other things of life one wants next to the bed. I think two of these Alabaster Cumulo lights from Caleb Siemon would look great on either side of a bed over the nightstand.


Capiz Shell Chandelier -
I love this piece for it’s uniqueness in using the capiz shell, how it brings a rounded, soft shape into the room but with a bit of an edge with the lining of each leaf in metal. I am a fan of mixing styles, and I think this light could go in a more rustic setting (as the VivaTerra picture below shows), a home with more modern décor, and even into a design bordering on traditional. It would bring a different element to each, and is definitely a statement piece.

Capiz Shell Chandelier with metal rimmed petalsI have found it on two sites, the first being VivaTerra.  The 15” light is $369, and the 21” size is $689, plus $40 shipping.


That’s my favorite, though if that’s more than your budget allows and you only need the small Pottery Barn Small Capiz Shell Chandelierversion (or want to group a few lights together), Pottery Barn has this 15” diameter light for $199 plus what looks like $21 shipping. (and, if you don’t like it you have the additional advantage of being able to return it to a local store if there is one in your area).


Adjustable Metal Floor Lamp from West Elm Modern Floor Lamp -
Finally, a floor lamp. Recently a friend asked me to help with some home decorating, and I wanted to mix just a little modern in with the more rustic, found objects that were already there. I saw this light from WestElm in an Elle Décor edition, and fell in love with it. I loved the metal nature of it and thought it would go really well with the wood and leather furniture pieces in the room. I also like the flexibility of it – it adjusts from 58” to 70” or just under 6’ – which can make it versatile for your current needs, and if you wanted to move it to other rooms later on. It has the added benefit of only being $149 plus shipping.