About this Blog

I decided to start this blog when I started looking for a new light for my dining room.  I love my current light in it’s shape and uniqueness, but I realized that it’s not quite at the right scale for my room.   When I bought the pendant light (I don’t really think of it as a chandelier) I was focused on finding a light with a cool shape, something with curves given how many rectangular and straight lines I have in my house (it is made of cinder block after all).  I wasn’t focused on, and didn’t research lighting design rules about scale (see an upcoming post), except for how high over the table to locate it.

After I realized it wasn’t to the right scale, and I didn’t like how the light shined in my dinner guests’ eyes, I started looking around for a light.  I wanted something unique, ideally with a more rounded shape (even though I love rectangular dining room lights).  And since my default is online shopping, I turned to the web.  And while I found a lot of lighting on the web, I found it really hard to find unique lights and to find an easy way to sort through all the lights (other than the two defaults most sites typically have of type and style).    Even in showrooms, you can only see a tenth of the lights they have, and you end up going through all the books to look at lights – and there are a LOT of books.   So my blog is an effort to share with you interesting lights and lighting sites I have found on my online travels.