Big Chandeliers

If you’re lucky enough to have really tall ceilings (20 or 30 feet high) as opposed to the usual 8 or 10 or even 12’ ceilings, you can have some really great chandeliers-  especially if the room is large as well.  But which ones to choose?   Here are a few to consider.

Orbit Chandelier by Patrick Townsend

This chandelier is modern and lively, and just a little whimsical with the 40 bulbs it has hanging off the wires set in geometric patterns.  If you’re looking for something a little different, casual, or white, this is the light for you.   I would definitely put this one on a dimmer switch with that much wattage!


Superordinate Antler Chandelier by Jason Miller

Made from glazed ceramic, this would work if your ceiling was high, but not all the way to 30”.  The fixture is 30” in diameter, so under typical lighting rules, this fixture would be good for a 20’x10’, 15’x15’ room or some variation thereof.  Its on the small side for this type of application, but if you have this light in a color, say the burgundy I show here, I think it has enough presence to carry off a slightly larger room with a tall ceiling.  You will just need to play with the height it hangs at.


White Random Light by Mooi

This light in its largest size is 41” in diameter, in the medium size it’s 31” in diameter, so it can take a larger room.   Or, deviating from my original set up of this post, it can make a big impact in a smaller space - see the fantastic installation below by Grunsfeld Shafer Architects featured on Houzz.  I think that is gorgeous.    This is a fantastic light, but you need a color on your walls other than white, even if it’s a neutral, to fully set off the beauty of this light.


Candelaria 36” Chandelier by Rico Espinet

This chandelier has a lot of presence all by itself, and you can alter the look in a few ways.   It’s available in two finishes - Brushed Nickel or what they call deep Patina Bronze, and you could choose the globe lightbulbs (shown) for the very modern look, or Edison style bulbs which are more oval in shape and give it a little more vintage touch (but still a modern feel).


Crown Major Suspension Chandelier by Jehs and Laub

This light is described in the website description this way: “modern interpretation of a good old candle chandelier...”   I think that is a very apt description, though I would add ‘mid-century modern’ to beginning.  This light is available in polished aluminum (shown) and white, and is very large at 45.3"D X 32.1"H with a cord length of 13”.  Perfect for that large room with a deep ceiling.

Roots Chandelier by Agnes & Hoss

For a different look, available in many colors and a few wood veneers, the Roots Chandelier is a modern chandelier but with an older feeling.  At 34” wide overall and 32” high, it’s appropriate for a good sized room, and I think would be wonderful in the green in a library (why does this shade of green always make me think of a library), or a living room/family room in some of the other colors.


Marica Large Pendant Light

For yet another style, this modern chrome-finished steel hanging light (somewhere between a pendant and a chandelier) has 50 25 watt bulbs on it – it will light up your space!  I think suspended in a room with a reasonably high ceiling (it is 28” high but 40” in in diameter), this light would add a beautiful feature to your room.

Arctic Pear from Ochre

And then of course, if you have a really large room, there is always Arctic Pear from Ochre.  I took this picture in their New York showroom.  In the largest size, it is 47” in diameter (I am pretty sure that’s the size of the one in the picture).  It’s a gorgeous 3 tier circular light fixture with solid clear glass drops and 8 bulbs.