Lights of Note - Part 5

I just recently came across Rose Tarlow lighting, and love some of the pieces in her collection.  Unfortunately she only sells to the trade, and it doesn’t look like any of the better lighting sites have been able to showcase her pieces.   But if you’re working with a designer, consider some of her pieces.  And if you’re not, keep reading, I have included a few of my favorites from Currey & Co, readily available online.  

Diamond Table Lamp

Designed by Rose Tarlow, this wonderful light has a Macassar Ebony Veneer that is beautiful.  I think the best thing about this lamp though is the shape.  So graceful and distinctive, I think this table lamp would grace just about any style of room beautifully.



Iron and Secessionist Chandeliers

I think these two chandeliers by Rose Tarlow are beautiful in their simplicity.  The Iron chandelier I could see hanging well in a foyer/entryway or in a staircase.  Because it is a relatively simple design, the space it is hung in would need to be relatively clean and simple, or the light and it’s beauty would be lost.

Iron Chandelier

Iron Chandelier

Seccessionist Chandelier

Seccessionist Chandelier

The Secessionist chandelier has a little more presence and can hold its own pretty easily.  I think this would be gorgeous as a dining room chandelier if you had the ceiling height to hang it, and especially if you had a dark table, walls, or particularly dark floors which would set off its silverleaf gilded finish.

Sharpleaf Chandelier

The Sharpleaf chandelier can definitely hold its own anywhere.  I include it here because I love the distinctiveness, it’s not a design I have seen a lot of other places.   And while it is not a design I would have said I sought out, once I saw it I fell in love with it.


Earthshine Pendant

Moving on from Rose Tarlow, I love this earthshine pendant from Currey & Co.  It has a hammered blackened steel finish, and contrary to what you might think (and what I thought), the warm golden glow on the interior comes from the light reflecting on the steel.  I think it’s a great example of a classic shape made more beautiful by the materials it’s made with.  I think a trio of these would look great together, over a kitchen counter open to a larger space (with some dark tones to contrast), or as a light in a corner of a living room or den, or even as a trio over a dining room buffet for something different.


Longhope Rectangular Chandelier

Again, another simple and classic shape made more beautiful by the materials.  The frame is a bronze gold finish, and the glass shades are seeded glass, offering a nice contrast in their rounded shape as well as rougher finish.   This would be beautiful as a dining room light.


Oxton Table Lamp

Switching to a table lamp, I like this one for the pattern created by the mercury glass on the base.  I think this would add a great bit of pattern to an otherwise pattern-less room, fit well into a design with golds and warm neutrals, and would also be right at home in a more traditional, elaborate design.  If you really want to make a statement, this would be set off well in a room with a lot of dark tones – great for any more masculine designs.