Lights with Bling

When starting a post about lights with bling, you can’t get much more bling than with lights using Swarovski crystals.  Swarovski has its own lighting site, in addition to working with designers from other brands who use Swarovski elements in their lighting designs.  The range of lights using those elements is from traditional to modern, so you can find anything in your style.

On the Swarovski site itself, they tend towards the more fantastical, with amazing artistry.  There are two I really like, both in their Crystal Palace Collection.  These lights have a lot of presence, so you really have to be ready for that in your design and have the right location for them.   But adding these crystal inspired lights can be a lot of fun.



The Ice Branch Pendant light -  This nature-inspired light would do the joint job of adding a natural element to your design as well as glamour - not something I thought I would find myself saying in a post about lights with bling.   It’s a statement light that could be the key bit of sparkle or surprise in an otherwise not so sparkly design, or hold its own in a room with a lot of texture, layering, and unique furniture pieces.


The Cascade light –   I think this is an amazing light just for its creativity - and it was truly a creative and artistic design mind that came up with it.   This light can be installed either ceiling or floor mounted and I just love the idea that they thought of a light that actually starts from the floor.  It would definitely take home with high-design to incorporate this light fixture.  This is not a light you casually integrate into your décor, or one that you use easily to provide a little bling.  This one is an over the top statement, and would need the surroundings to be able to support that, especially with dark walls to set it off.  But what a statement!

I also found a number of great lights with bling on the CL Sterling & Son site, in their Rock Crystal Collection.  I think these lights can be incorporated into many different design styles, would add some fun and glamour to a space, but don’t require the high-design home that the Cascade does.



This first Orb pendant is wonderful, and I love the juxtaposition of the rustic and the crystal in this image from their website.  I am a big fan of contrasts like that, I think they create a lot of interest and make your home an interesting and unique place.   I think this light looks sophisticated and would add some panache without going overboard.



The other light I like of theirs is in the same rock crystal, but a different shape which I haven’t seen very often with this glittery type of hanging light.    A nice feature of both of these lights is they can of course be fitted with either incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs.  They are both made out of recycled Lead Crystal, and I love the close up where you can see the individual crystals and how they’re attached to shape the hanging pendant.

Finally, the Illusion 900 line from Glow Lighting adds bling, but in a more understated way.  The Illusions 900 line is one that uses the Swarovski crystal elements.  They combine silk lampshades with the crystals hanging out from the bottom – again, a great contrast.  I think they are sophisticated, but not boring.

In the Pearl Grey Silk shade it would have great presence unlit , as well as a wonderful look when the chandelier is lit.  In the neutral tone of the Pearl Grey, it would add an interesting new layer to a neutrally-toned room design.   For some color punch, the red shade is a great piece.  I like it in the more tapered lampshade shape, somehow it fits better with the liveliness of the color for me.  Usually when choosing a color for a major piece in the room (furniture, rug, lighting, etc), you’re making a long-term commitment.  The great thing with this light is that it comes as a kit, and you can order the shades separately.  So you can change out the color over time to change up the look and feel.

Update:  The site no longer shows these options, but they do have custom options if you fall in love with either of these lights.

I would love to have this light in my home with the Pearl Grey Lampshade.  I like it’s presence, the color (somewhat neutral but not boring), and has that little bit of bling that I would like.  But sadly it does not fit my dimensions.  At 16” across on the bottom, it’s only an inch and a half more than my current light, and not the full 21-26” I need per the standard lighting tips for Chandelier sizes.  (more on lighting guidelines to come in a future post).    Onward to other lights.