Choose lights out of the ordinary – Break the rules

I love coming across images of rooms where the designers have used lights in different ways.  I find I start looking at my rooms differently, wondering what I could change or do differently (in a good way).   Hopefully these images inspire you to think about how/where you would use lights that you wouldn’t normally think to.  Go for it, change it up a little and break the rules.  

Modern Pendant in the Bathroom

Who says you need to have standard bathroom light fixtures?  This pendant adds depth and dimension to this bathroom, anchoring the sink-mirror-light vignette with it’s black color, including the cord.  And I love the placement of the mirror – you can look at the beautiful outdoors on either side while doing what you need to.  And the branch with green leaves is a beautiful addition – every little item contributes to making this a warm and yet chic sink area.

This light is the Gwenwood Wall Sconce from Urban Electric Co.

Designer: Darryl Carter, Photography: Simon Upton, As seen in Elle Decor

Designer: Darryl Carter, Photography: Simon Upton, As seen in Elle Decor


Or this example, which is actually from Courtney Cox’s home as featured in Elle Décor, where you can hardly tell it’s the bathroom.  But it is, look closely and you can see the faucets.  It’s so relaxing, very much like a den, not as much like a bathroom.  And I absolutely love the reflection of the lights in the mirror.  I personally wouldn’t go so dark (I would have chosen a different marble for the wall behind the vanity), but that’s all personal preference.

Designer: Trip Haenisch Photography: Simon Upton

Designer: Trip Haenisch Photography: Simon Upton


Under cabinet lighting in the Office

Forgoing the usual desk lights - which would have added clutter to this already tight space - the transFORM team choose under cabinet lighting for this desk space.  As someone who must have under the cabinet lighting in every kitchen I live with, I love the soft glow it gives the room in the evening, and I would imagine it provides great working light, and a cosy feeling to the desk area at night for any late nights at the office.

 Design by transFORM | The Art of Custom Storage

Wall sconces

The other alternative is to go with a wall sconce instead of a desk light.    This also leaves the desk area completely free for computers, papers, pens, and other desk items, while still providing great task light.

In a child’s room:


Recessed lighting for bunk beds

I love this lighting solution for these bunk beds.  Recessed lighting behind the heads on pillows ensures ample reading light, but nothing annoying to hit your head or arm on when you’re moving around in the bunk bed.  It also means fewer light conflicts with your neighbors when light may shine errantly into another space.  Especially when they smartly recessed the one set of beds further back behind the bookcase, to further eliminate light overlap.  And of course, I love the bedding and wall color choice against the white of the wood.  An all-around beautiful room.

Floor lamps as bedside reading lights

No need to stick to table lamps, especially when you can have floor lamps that also have a spot for your book.  Don’t like these floor lamps?  Find your own great lights, with a small bedside table (or not) and change it up from the standard table lamp on a night table.




Or, go with a pendant light.  Something with a little bling, something classic, or something with a modern take.  Here are some of my recent favorites.

A glass orb pendant on a single cord is simplicity itself.  This is a great idea if you like the minimalist look, or have an industrial loft.

A few options for this pendant light are the Globe Pendant light from West Elm, the Orb 1 Pendant light, the Tribeca 10in Pendant, and for something slightly different the Teardrop 3 Light pendant, all at Ylighting.


I love the combination of the pendants hanging from the wall and the pendant hanging from the center of the ceiling.  It's a warm room with the wood, and the metal of the pendants is a nice contrast to bring interest.

If you're looking or a little bling in your room, something like these pendants can add a little pizzaz to your room.  I think a pair of these small capiz pendants from West Elm would do the trick.


For something on the less modern side, this is a beautiful bedroom using wall sconces instead of pendants.  These look great, and leave the bedside table free for books, alarm clocks, and anything else you want within easy reach from bed.  I think this wall sconce is similar to the one in the photo.


Lastly, while not unusual at all in that it's a table lamp as a bedside lamp, I just couldn't resist adding this picture after I came across it.  I think this lamp is fabulous, and I love the flow of the glass, and while it's transparent, you can see the character of the lamp clearly.

The light is called the Alba Lamp from Donghia