Swing Arm Wall Sconces

Swing arm lights (also sometimes referred to as a type of wall sconce) are a great lighting option - for bedside reading, in place of desk lamps at a desk, in a reading nook, and as a possibility in some of those hard-to-light areas in your home.    Here is a variety of stylish options across the style spectrum.  

Black Simple Iron Swing Light

I think this light would look beautiful in any Master Bedroom or Den where you’re going for a peaceful, warm atmosphere.   The dark grey microsuede lampshade looks so soft and warm, and the shape is simple and classic – and the dimmer switch is built in! 


Cord Swing Light

A modern swing light, this wall sconce has a beautiful simplicity to it.  I think this would be great as a pair of lights by the bed in a bedroom (just note how far out from the wall they come), or in a reading nook, or in a place where lighting is unique to figure out – say in an open place under a stairwell. 


Gus Modern Vintage Swing Arm Lamp

Another modern option that has a vintage feel (how’s that for contradiction), similar to the Cord Swing light, but with even more simple lines given that it only has one arm from the wall.  I think it would work similarly in a bedroom, as a reading light in a living room, or under that stairwell. 


Small Aspect Articulating Sconce

Not all the way to a true swing arm wall light, this sconce is beautiful in its simplicity, and can still be moved to shine more light where you want it.  Would be great in a library or den with a small scale, or in a bedroom where you don’t have a large headboard.   


1950s Factory Scissor Sconce

This one is for a retro look, and it immediately comes to mind for the guest bedroom in a white washed classic beachhouse – I think the contrast in colors would be great, and the style would work in that setting. 


The Hudson Reversible Swing Arm Wall Light

This light is more on the traditional side, both in look and functionality.  I think it’s beautifully proportioned and would add a note of elegance to so many rooms, in particular as reading lights for the bedroom, or in a more traditionally designed home office as a replacement instead of a desk lamp. 


rc Swing Arm Light

I love the combination of the iron and the lampshade in this image (it’s Terra Micro Suede, there are 6 options to choose from).    The curve of the light is so graceful.  It sits quite close to the wall, so would be good in a place where you want the light fairly close to the wall. 


Perno Wall Lamp

This swing arm light has a lot of presence and strength in its design.  I like the detail of the extra metal at the end of the handle where you’ll adjust the light.  It also comes in Satin Nickel in addition to the Black Brass (pictured) for a completely different look. 


Gilbert Wall Lamp

For a completely different movement, the Gilbert wall sconce folds vertically from extension to folded.  It’s a more modern/slightly industrial look, but could also be great with a transitional style. 


Walker Swing Arm Sconce

For the last in the list today, I love the contrast in this sconce of the powder coated metal and a light shade.  But if prefer less contrast or different colored shades, there are about 30 different options.     I have featured the Walker Table lamp previously, and this sconce takes the same shape, complete with the graceful curve and the extra metal piece over the shade.