Light Fixtures in Wood

Have a rustic design going in your home?    Like the natural feel of wood?  Want to add a different dimension to your contemporary or modern design filled with glass, acrylic, and metal?   Think about adding a wood light to the mix.  It will bring in a natural element to your design, and can be modern or on the traditional side. 

Wood Tripod Floor Lamp by West Elm

A wooden take on the tripod floor lamp, this beautifully simple light fixture will have nice diffused light through the cotton blend shade which will play nicely off the solid ash wood base.  At just over 5 feet, this is a nice height floor lamp, and I think would fit very well in a more modern or transitional design.



Manning Chandelier by Arteriors

I loved this chandelier the first time I saw it on the screen.  The wood looks so smooth I just want to run my hand over it, and while it’s a modern design, I love the rustic edge the light brown wood gives it.   The crystal at the bottom is a nice touch to reflect the globe bulbs and add a little extra interest to the simple fixture.  The wood is on the thicker side so it takes up more visual space.  I picture this wood chandelier in a room with enough height/width /depth to accommodate it, something like a great room or family room with high ceilings.   The 4 light option shown here is 21 inches in diameter and 26.5 inches high, so it would be good for a 10 by 11 foot room (or some variation) if by itself, or in a much larger room as one of a number of lights.  But I think it at least requires a 10 foot ceiling or more.


Gavin Mosaic Floor Lamp by Arteriors

This floor lamp is so unusual and interesting for the stacked way the wood has been arranged, very much resembling a stacked stone wall, only vertical.  At almost 6 feet tall this floor lamp is on the taller side, but it would have great presence in a living room, office/den, or even a dining room if it’s large enough to accommodate a floor lamp and has a color scheme that would work with the wood.


Preston Table Lamp by Arteriors

Similar to the Manning Chandelier, I just want to run my hand over the smooth base of this table lamp.   It is hand carved solid wood, and is another beautifully simple light.   Given how simple it is, I would tend to have it in a more minimalist design scheme with a lot of white and soft neutrals – like an office with a white desk, or a living room with a lot of light.  It would work with a design with more complexity and other items of different materials, but be careful that it doesn’t get lost.


Woody Pendant by Lights Up

Keeping with the simple theme, this Pendant light fixture is a gorgeous combination of the cheer wood veneer (left unfinished) and the Brussels linen inner shade, with a diffuser on the bottom to keep the light soft.  It accommodates 2 100W bulbs, so it still would give off a lot of good light, and again, I see this in a more soft neutral design scheme, where its simplicity will be set off and appreciated.



Leonardo Pendant by Santa & Cole, designed by Antoni Arola

I love the dynamism of this light.  It’s on the simple side in terms of the material and the shape of the wood veneer used, but it’s so energetic and beautiful in the way the veneer is shaped around the light.  It comes in poplar or birch (birch is pictured here) and I have a preference for the birch just the way the light from within warms it up.   I love it in contrast with the stone wall as pictured, and think it would work great as a light next to a fireplace (as a nice change from a floor lamp or recessed lighting) or in a dining room.  It comes in a 24 inch diameter, or a very large 40” diameter which would be very interesting if you had the space for it.


Claudo Pendant Light by Cerno

Moving away from the simple and into the more designed pieces, this Walnut wood pendant light fixture is an interestingly modern geometric carving, with a polymer diffuser behind the wood.  While the picture makes this look large, it’s actually a small pendant, at 7.25” wide and 5” high.  It would look great in a kitchen as pendants (an example pictured here from ylighting), or as a pair on either side of a bed instead of bedside table lamps.  It also has the added benefit of having LED light bulbs, so it is very energy efficient.


Luz Oculta Wood Shade Pendant by Blauet, designed by Joan Lao

Here it is the play of the wood slats and the light that make the overall design.   In sizes that range from 8.9” in diameter to 23.6” in diameter, this pendant can be used in a grouping or as a main light. One thing to double check that is very hard to tell from the picture is if there is a diffuser at the bottom of the fixture.  If not, you have to be prepared for the light to shine in your eyes.


Clinker Small Pendant Light by Innermost, designed by Rich Willing

The Clinker small pendant is so named because clinker boats are built in a similar fashion where there is this ship-lap technique of overlapping the wood slats.  And while the name says small, this fixture is 20 inches in diameter (though only 18.5” high) so it’s not particularly small.  This light fixture would be interesting in the corner of a room instead of a table lamp.  It comes in a variety of colors and wood veneers, so you could definitely tailor it to fit your space.


Arca Linear Pendant

Last but definitely not least is this gorgeous light made from walnut on the outside, and an interior aluminum and polymer light casing.  From some angles as the description points out, it would look like a solid mass, and from other angles you would really see the slats and the interior light bar.  It is quite a large light, at 49” long (just over 4 feet) and 24” wide, but if you have the space for it I think this is a wonderful blend of the beautiful simplicity of wood and interesting design.