Lights of Note - Part 3

Koshi Suspension light

There is no question the setting of this picture sets off this light amazingly, and we won’t all have an ocean right outside our home.  But even without the ocean in the background I think this light would be gorgeous in many different homes.  The contrast between the white interior globe and the wenge bamboo slats is gorgeous.  I think this is too modern for a traditionally designed house, but would definitely fit in to a fully modern design, and one that is a mix of styles.  It could be very dramatic in a white room, or could be a nice complement to a room with more wood finishes.


Simple Iron Swing Arm Wall Lamp

This name says it all, it’s beautifully simple, and the pairing of the iron arm with the warm grey of the microsuede lampshade is warm and would be wonderful in a bedroom flanking the bed as reading lights.  It could be also used well in a den near a reading chair, and with its built in dimmer control, you will really be able to set the mood.


Moon Table Lamp

I guess I am going for simple and beautiful today for many of these lights.  I love the simplicity of this Moon Table Lamp as well.  The bronze base and tinted glass of this fixture would look great paired with an interesting light bulb.  At 13.5” high, it’s more of an accent light than a solo table lamp, and needs to be used in a setting where it won’t get lost.


Mimi Pendant

This pendant is classic and simple, yet would also add a dramatic element to your dining room.   The organza shade would diffuse the light beautifully, and the faceted crystals hanging down would spread the light in wonderful ways around the table.


Clavius 60 40 Suspension

In a similar vein, but without the crystals, is the Clavius Suspension Pendant.  A double pendant, this light needs a higher ceiling to accommodate it, but if you have that height this light in the dining room would be gorgeous and dramatic.


Axo Slight Table Lamp

I can’t get over this shape, and I love the combination of the polished steel base and the vanilla lampshade they show it in.  If you’re looking for more drama, you could add the deep, rich, red lampshade they offer.  It’s tough to tell from this picture, but this lamp (and the shade) is very narrow in depth, which I think makes it all the more interesting.    Front to back its only 4 inches.


Flora Vertical Chandelier

This chandelier has such a graceful feel, and I think would be beautiful in an entryway, or over a stairwell.  With a 17 foot chain link cord to hang on, it is easily adjustable to most ceilings.  Generally you should hang a fixture in an entryway around 7 feet above the ground, this fixture is almost 3 feet, so you’re looking at having an area with a ceiling at least 11 or 12 feet (allowing for a 1-2 foot drop at least for this fixture).  I think it would be beautiful in a traditionally designed home, or in a home with a mixture of design styles.


Crowne Pointe Chandelier

I picture this in a rustic cabin, somewhere more rustic or in the mountains, like Arizona or Montana.  This chandelier is modern because of the design, but with a rustic edge because of the materials.  It would give you an updated rustic look - not too "cabin-y."


London Chandelier

Another ceiling light fixture with a great contrast in materials – this time with hand rubbed bronze and cracked glass.  This fixture is 41” deep by 8” wide and almost 10” high.  


Lighting Guideline Tip:  If you want to use your dining room table as the base for estimating how large your fixture should be (especially if you have an open floor plan), here are the general guidelines.  Your dining room table should extend 6” on either side of the light fixture.  So for the above London Chandelier, your table should be 41” + 6” +6” = 53” long and 8” + 6” +6” = 20” wide to accommodate this appropriately.   This fixture has an overall height of 38”.  The bottom should be 30”-36” above the table (not in your way while sitting but at eye level while standing), given that average dining room table height is 30”, your ceiling height for this fixture needs to be 30” (Table height) + 30”-36” (height to fixture) + 38” (fixture height) = 98”- 104” or 8 feet 2 inches to 8 feet 8 inches.  Do note this fixture is 60 lbs, so it's going to need a very solid installation.

Cardboard Pendant Light

I love that these lights are made from recycled cardboard.  The Disc Scraplight is $279, and the Moon Scraplights lights range in size from 9.5” in diameter to 17.5” and in price from $179 to $479.  It may seem a little more expensive than you would think for something made from recycled goods, but when you think about how much time it takes to hand make each one, it’s understandable.   I think the light look amazing when these are lit, with the light filtering through the different rows of recycled cardboard.