Lighting Inspired by Nature

If you like nature and want to bring it into your home décor, what about with a light?  It can add interest, an organic feel, or in some cases a calming sense, to your design.  Designers have been creative with their inspiration from nature in designing the following lights.

Superordinate Antler Pendant 6X

I love this pendant (I would call it a chandelier as I would argue the lights on the arms of the fixture but that’s just me) for its simplicity and modern feel, and its ease in evoking the idea of antlers.  It is made out of ceramic, and in addition to lighting your space will add interesting shadow designs on your walls.  It comes in multiple colors and finishes, which I think is interesting.  The white definitely evokes nature with a modern feel.  The Red, Gold, or Chrome versions would be a much more modern feel and would lose a lot of the nature feel.  It all depends what you’re looking for.


Cassidy Table Lamp

The site doesn’t reference this being inspired by nature in the description, but this table lamp base reminds me of Cala Lilies or tube plants that grow in the ocean.  The base is made of satin white porcelain, and the lampshade is white silk which the site indicates would offer a diffuse wash of light.  I think it’s would lend a great organic element to any design.


Cuttle Pendant

I presume this pendant light was inspired by the Cuttle Fish given the name and it's reminiscence to the colors of a cuttle fish.  I think this light would add a little drama to your space, and I like the petal-like flare at the bottom of the light.  This light can use a Xenon lightbulb, or an LED lightbulb which makes it especially energy efficient.  It looks especially great lit up, as you can see in the room shot below.


Forest & Shade Table Lamp

This lamp actually brings in true nature as it is made from naturally shed deer antlers.  I presume that they also trim the antlers to get this great shape that lends itself with the upward antler heading to the lampshade.  With the Black parchment lampshade it has a stand out modern look.  The white or oyster linen shade options would soften it, and it would tend to blend more into the surroundings.


Gin Twist Table Lamp

The base on this table lamp provides all the drama and design, and is made from continuous white and dark juniper wood.  I love the sculptural feel to the base, and think the play of down light when lit would beautifully highlight the wood of table light base.


Forest and Shade Floor Lamp

The Forest and Shade line also comes as a floor lamp, which must make searching for the antlers a full time job for someone.  You can also get a sense for the difference between the white and the black lampshade on this fixture.   The Gin Twist lamp also comes in a floor lamp size, but I prefer it in the smaller size because I think the proportions they have are better.  That said, you could always buy a taller lampshade for the Floor Lamp to change the proportions.


Rope Chandelier

No animals evoked here, but I think the natural feel of the rope that makes up the arms and base of this chandelier add a softening element to this fixture, and interest.  I see this chandelier fitting well in a contemporary design setting, with white walls (and not just because it is pictured that way).  I think it sets off the rope and doesn’t make it look dirty in the way a darker off-white might.  Taupe is another color I think this light could work well with, in that setting the light will blend in more with the walls and not stand out as much.


Morning Glory Collection

These lights would easily be at home in my Lights as Art post as well.  These lights are an artistic take on an inspiration from nature.    I love the fabrics and frames they have used to create these lights, the textiles really add to the organic feel.  Pictured below (left to right) are the Morning Glory Table Lamp, the Dippa Table Lamp, the Dippa Pendants, and my favorite, the Please Don’t Go Table Lamp in red. I would love to have that one in my office!


Light Rainforest Chandelier

July 31, 2012 - I just came across this lovely chandelier from Currey & Co that I felt should be added to this post. This is a hand-forged wrought iron chandelier has 14 candle lights tucked in the branches, and I am sure they would cast the most interesting shadows as well as light the fixture beautifully.


Waking up with the Sun

It has been proven that it is easier to wake up with the sun, and of course lighting manufacturers have been making alarm clocks for a while now to mimic the increasing light from the sun in your room – even if it’s the dead of winter and there is no light outside. These lights also come with sound and radio features.  Two well reviewed lights I found on Amazon are the Philips Wake Up Light (below, left) and the BioBrite Sunrise Clock (below, right – also available with a black base).