Great Wall Sconces - Indoor

Wall Sconces can add light to a hallway or room, as well as be a design element in your space.  In a bathroom, these wall lights can give great light to help with shaving, applying makeup, and all the other good things in that go on in the bathroom.  For this post, I am going to concentrate on wall sconces that would fit in a hallway or room and add decorative lighting to your home.  I will leave the bathroom sconces (and the outdoor lights) to another post.


Eclipse Rectangular Wall Sconce

This clean lined wall sconce may not cast a great deal of light  - it uses a 60 watt bulb or 26W compact fluorescent,  and the light shines out mostly in the diagonal line on the front given that it’s actually made of cold rolled steel.  But I love the look of it and if you’re looking to add a little light and a lot of design, this wall light is a great option.


Single Square Tube Sconce by Sandy Chapman

Designed by Sandy Chapman for Visual Comfort, this Wall light is simple and classic and has a contemporary lighting feel.   I could see this wall sconce work for a few different design styles:  traditional, craftsman, or contemporary.   I think it would fit nicely in a foyer/entryway, in a row down a hallway, or in a library.


Sottile Sconce

For another library wall light option, I like the Sottile sconce in the Rubbed Bronze finish.  I like the simplicity and elegance of this light, and the strength of the bronze finish without heaviness.   At 5” in width, it can fit into many narrow spots such as between bookshelves and doors.  Wattage is 60 watts, and since the light will come from the top and bottom I think it will cast very nicely, just keep in mind the black shade will block a lot coming directly.  But in a library I would think you’re adding other task lighting, and this is just adding in another layer to the lighting.


Marine Wall Light

Again designed by Sandy Chapman, this light adds a little marine flair to your design.  Meant for indoor lighting, I think this would fit in many East Coast beach houses, in a great room, hallway, or lighting an entry way.  I like the clean design, and while I am always a fan of a Chrome finish, I think it looks sharp here with the white glass.


Kyoto Wall Sconce

This wall light makes a statement, and at 24” in height (2 feet) needs some room around it to really be shown in the best light so to speak.  I think this would look great in a hallway, especially if it had stone walls or walls painted in suede or a stone like color.  Or it could flank a door in an entryway if the door was of suitable size.  Obviously not a great traditional style light, I think this would add a nice Asian feel to a Contemporary or even Modern design.


Glaciares Sconce

Made of Metal and Selenite stone, this sconce is beautiful in its contrast.  I think the stone would look wonderful when lit from behind, and it would add soft lighting to a space.  With 2 25W frosted bulbs, it’s not going to give off a tremendous amount of light, but it would give enough to provide ambiance to a room, or let you navigate a hallway or other space.


Metropolitan Sconce

This Metropolitan Sconce with Paper Shade from Aero Studios and Thomas O’Brien has a classic look in the base, to which he has added a more modern touch with the paper shade edged in black.  I think this wall light has so many potential applications – two flanking a fireplace, lighting an entryway, in a library, even in a bedroom.


Small Aspect Articulating Sconce

I love the elegance of this light, and the fine feel it has with the soft silver finish and slim articulating arm.  And with a 75W bulb, it would provide more light than some of the other sconces I have written about so far.  While I see it in many room applications, I love the idea of this light in a master bedroom, potentially as a pair on either side of a mirror, or instead of bedside table lamps.


Feiss Light Sconce

For something a little more elaborate, this wrought iron sconce with a glass diffuser is beautiful.  It’s a heavier look, so in my opinion it needs a home that has wood in it, maybe exposed beams, and can carry off that heavier look.    On either side of a very large fireplace, or lighting a hallway, I think it’s a pretty sconce.

Boreal Wall Sconce

This next light gives a similar feel to the previous wall sconce, but with different materials.   The metal work on this light is bronze, with a natural hemp fabric shade to give it a soft glow. The nice options here are that you can choose the type of light you would like to use with it:  regular incandescent, halogen lamp, or an LED light bulb.  You can see in the room setting shot how lovely the light is.  I wish we could see this for all lights.

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