Lights of note – Part 2

Following up on my first post (Lights of Note – Cool, Modern, Unique), here is my next post about lights that have caught my eye as I have been looking through all the lights out there for other posts or to find lights for friends.  Without further ado, here we go.


There is something about lime green that I love, and in fashion admittedly only a few can wear the shade, but everyone if they so desire can have it in their homes!   If you're prepared for color, this one is pretty cool.  I think this would look great in a foyer/entry area, or as a light in a kitchen.  It almost has a bird cage feel to it, and I think they have captured lightness and playfulness with this light.

Estiluz Infiore Pendant

I think this light would make a really fun kitchen light, with the fresh green on the panels, offset by the white up top.  The shape is pleasing to the eye and playful, and with a diffuser below there would be no glare in the eyes from this hanging light.  The one thing to note is that it is actually a pretty small light, with a diameter of 8 5/8”.  At that size, I think it would be nice over an eat in kitchen table in a nook.  I feel like 3 of these lights in a nice pendant row would be too much.


Etch Light Web Copper

If you like geometric shapes, I think this hanging light is amazing.  Just the construction of it is wonderful, it’s so unusual and unique, and I love the color. I have been looking at a lot of lights, and it’s unusual to see a copper colored light.   I think it has a lot of uses – It would be great in a foyer, hallway, in a living room, or even in a child’s room (especially if they like shapes, numbers, and things like lego).  I think this light is prime for encouraging imaginations.


Base Table Light

Another great accent light, this one is from Tom Dixon.  Following on the Etch light, this one also has a copper colored shade, and I love the contrast of the black metal base with its legs and edges, and the smooth, round copper colored shade.  With the heavy shade this table lamp isn’t going to give a lot of light out (except at the bottom under the shade) so don’t look for that from this lamp, but true to its name, it is a fantastic accent to your room.  I think it would make a great accent light on a small desk, small accent table, or on a bedside table.


Panorama Glaciares

This is a fantastic ceiling light.  I really like the contrast of the steel and stone, and I think the light behind the stone would be beautiful and this hanging light would be a gorgeous part of your home.   Made from a steel body and Selenite Stone, it is 60lbs, so you really need to have a professional installer for this one, and a good beam to hang it on.  It can accommodate 10 60 watt bulbs, so it would give off a lot of light.   I think it would be wonderful as an entryway light (needs to be a big entryway – the light is 30” to 36” in diameter) or as a hanging light in a great room.


*Lighting Tip*  General guidelines for foyer lights is to have it hanging 7’ from the ground, and since the standard drop for this light is 5’, you’re looking for at least 12’ ceilings.  I think the same general guidelines would work for a great room as well.   But rules are meant to be broken, so if you love the ceiling light and the diameter is right for your room, I say go for it.  You can get this light with different lengths of drop.

Felt Shade Pendant

The last light in this post is the Felt Shade Pendant Light from Tom Dixon.  I love the soft feel of this light that comes from the shades being made of felt, I love the grey color of the outside of the shade, with the white color inside to reflect more light from the bulbs.   I think this light could look terrific in the corner of a room to add interest and light (maybe even instead of a table lamp), over a staircase (with the different levels of the pendants) or in a kid’s room.

Shade Close Up

Shade Close Up