Multi-Light Cluster Hanging Pendants

Call them bubble lights, multi-bulb pendants, glass cluster hanging pendants, or any other name, a grouping of glass pendants adds beautiful light to a room, in a pleasing-to-the-eye-design. Here are some of the best I have seen on the web.

Bocci 28.37 Pendant Canopy Light

Bocci has created a simply gorgeous Hanging Pendant composed of individually blown glass spheres, that then have inner glass spheres of opaque milk glass that give it the light within a light look. The 28.37 Pendant Canopy light is a 37 pendant fixture and is simply gorgeous, but with many things that are this gorgeous, there is a price tag for it – of $19,600. Each pendant on the fixture has a 20watt xenon or 1.5W LED lamp.

There are 2 other versions of the light: 7 pendant version of the light is $3,700, 19 pendant is $10,000 If that’s not in your budget, keep reading the post, I promise more affordable lights to come.

*Lighting Tip* A note about bulbs before we continue.

Xeon light bulbs can be used where you would normally use a Halogen light, with the advantages that they burn cooler, last longer, and can be changed with bare hands.  The light they offer is bright white.  LED (Light emitting diode) light bulbs have by far the longest lifespan of any of the available light bulbs today, and can be used as a replacement for incandescent bulbs.

Aurora, Kismet, Destiny, and Karmata Pendants

The next collection of lights give options of having elliptical shaped glass pendants, or having amber glass on the inner “bulb” of the light.  With 19 pendants at 10W each for all of these 4 fixtures, they each have the ability to give off a lot of light in a space.  The Aurora (pictured right) is 34” in diameter so it needs a big room to accommodate, but it does have an adjustable cord from 18” to 75” so ceiling height is no problem.  The rest descend in size: the Kismet is 20" in diameter, the Destiny is 18", and the Karmata is 12" in diameter.    The one question I have of these 4 hanging pendants is at what point do the cords come together and how do they look joined up.  I could not find any pictures of a full installation to figure out what the top of the fixture looks like.

These fixtures are made of clear borosilicate glass, (one of the brand names of that glass is Pyrex), so you know they can withstand the heat generated by the fixture and with being in close contact to other lights. I haven’t experimented, but I am pretty sure you cannot just take your favorite lights and group them together. I think without having the right type of glass you would end up with a lot of broken glass.


Fifteen Filament Pendant Lamp

In this hanging pendant fixture, you can see that the cords come together in the black braiding.  They do not specify the material of the black cords, but it looks like rubber to me.  The bulbs come separately, and are available in the half chrome or the white, so you can customize your look.  This version of the light has a more industrial feel, and I like it for a professional office (i.e. one that is outside the home).


Bubble Chandelier

I found this light on Etsy and I love it.  Available in small, medium, large, and extra large, I love it for the braided cotton cord (also comes in braided leather), how light it appears to the eye, and the fact that not each bulb has a light in it so you can see the beauty of the individual glass globes as well as have the overall effect of the light.  The extra-large version is 24” in diameter, so none of these is for a huge space.  I think they look great for a reasonable size dining room, and could fit well in a contemporary or modern space, including in a summer house (if you have the braided cotton).



City Chandelier

On the other end of the price spectrum, this light on the School House Electric site not only has the great look of a cluster glass pendant, but it also offers you different options.  4 finishes are offered (Industrial Yellow is shown here, it also comes in Factory White and Black), you can customize your length, and if you want you can order the silver tip globe bulbs for a slightly chrome look to your light.    It also comes at a nice price.  The basic fixture is $195, and then the bulbs are $5 or $7 each.

West Elm Cluster Pendant

If you are looking for a simple cluster and not too many lights, West Elm has a nice modern fixture made from their Globe Pendant.  With four lights at different heights, it is a nice, balanced fixture.



John Pomp Infinity Cluster

If you’re looking for a fixture with the lights at different heights, at the other end of the price spectrum is the gorgeous Infinity Cluster by John Pomp.  Made up of the hand blown glass Infinity pendants, this hanging light gives you many of the beautiful individually made pendants to admire.  It would look great over a staircase or in a foyer, provided you have the ceiling height to accommodate it.  Or, for a more unique installation, it could go in the corner of a living room or great room (again, provided you have the scale of room to accommodate it).  It would be beautiful, and that way if you find yourself mesmerized by it, you have somewhere comfortable to site. Finally, two variations on the theme.

Taraxacum 88 Suspension Light

This light has an inner core of 20 pressed and polished triangles (I think that makes it an Icosagon) and 60 clear globes reflecting off the polished triangles.  It’s a very different feel than the previous lights on the page with the introduction of the aluminum into the equation, but beautiful.

Orbit 7

Finally, turning the lights upside down, is the Orbit 7.  Offered with red or khaki twisted cloth cords and clear or frosted globes, you can make this light fixture your own.  Personally, I love it as shown in the khaki cord and the frosted globe.  I think frosted globes soften the light in a really nice way, without making it too dark, which also allow you to take in the beauty of the fixture when it’s on.  This fixture has a little older feeling (it is after all, from School House Electric), but I think it’s updated with the way they have arranged the bulbs.  I see this fixture in a great country kitchen, or a retro dining room.

See more multi-light fixtures on my Pinterest board.