Lights in Black

Going the opposite of Glass & Crystal (see my post on glass and crystal bases), this whole post is dedicated to lights that are the color black.

Biham Pendant Light

This is the light that inspired this post.  Very dramatic - I love the shape of the arms, the mix of black and clear glass crystals, and the finish on the piece.  Technically it is not a chandelier (the lights are not on the arms), but it would add glamour instantly to any space.  And while it’s modern, it has a nod back to a slightly more traditional, more opulent time period.   One thing to note is that it only has one 60 watt bulb, so how much it is going to light your room depends on how big it is.  I have a 60 watt bulb in my dining room which is 11’ by 10’, and it works well.  However, it has a light colored shade, and I have an open concept area that allows me to augment the lighting in my dining room with light from other sources.  I would highly recommend this light if you like it, in a dining room setting as long as it isn’t too big, or if there is a way to provide other lighting (lamps on a sideboard, recessed lighting you can dim, lamps in a living room if it’s open concept, etc).  Or, of course, if you like really low lighting for a very dramatic space.    It would also look great in the corner of a living room for some real punch.



Here is the sister light (Capella), a little less drama with this one, but it still packs a punch.


Mira Pendant Light

This light is straight out modern, and would fit into a contemporary or modern design scheme.  Again, it only has the one 60 watt bulb (always a good thing to check out how much light any fixture will actually give off), so it would have the same recommendation as with the first lights – either there to add drama and some ambiance to your space, or in a place where other lights can augment it.


I pinned this Pendant light on Pinterest and it got a lot of repins, so I think it’s a favorite of a lot of people.  For me personally, it’s the sparkle behind the dark, I love the mystery and glamour it adds, without being the only thing you would notice in a room.  I was in an restaurant last night (forgot to take pictures!) and they had lights with a similar effect and everyone commented on it.  This light comes in two sizes, with either 5 25 W bulbs (for 125 Watts of light) or 7 25 W bulbs (for 175 Watts of light), which is a lot of light.  Buy a dimmer so you can change the mood of the dining room (where I think this fits best).

Pitch Pendant Light

I love the cut out design on this laser cut acrylic shade.  Not only is the light beautiful, but it would cast really interesting shadows on the walls.  At 12” it’s on the small side for a pendant light, so probably not dining room material, but it would look great in a hallway or foyer, or if you had a large enough space to put a few of them in a row (e.g. in a great room with high ceilings as a row over a console table at the back of a sofa).


AF Lighting Mischief Chandelier

While I tend toward the more modern, this light caught my eye.  It’s on the more elaborate side of design, but I think the black color gives it a modern edge.   I like it for someone who has a style where they prefer the more ornate or decorative.

Studio Jota Caos Light

Now this light is an attention getter.  Not only for the black color, but for the shape (I think it’s very aptly named).  It’s actually made out of wood, and each one is handmade.  It’s also currently (as of 4/20/12) only available in NYC, so you lucky people in that city have this one all to yourselves.

This specific light is no longer listed on the site, but Studio Jota does bespoke lighting.

This specific light is no longer listed on the site, but Studio Jota does bespoke lighting.

Now moving into lights in black, but the slightly less dramatic.  Two pendants I love that are more simple in shape and style, but still add the punch that black delivers.


Urban Electric Co. Carlyn Single Pendant

This pendant is simple and elegant, yet the bar around the top above the lampshade adds and extra touch that sets this light apart.  It also comes in a fixture with two lights, but I like this single one.

West Elm Short Drum Pendant
For a lower priced black pendant but one that is still simple and elegant, this West Elm Drum Pendant in Black Linen is also simple and elegant.   At 25” in diameter, this light would fit well in a dining room that is 10’ by 15’, or something in that range.

Lights Up Walker Table Lamp

I love the simplicity of this table lamp.  I think it would be terrific as a desk light, with a 100W capacity, it would be a great task light, either in a home office or in an external office where you want to add some task lighting or a sense of style to your cubicle or office.   And it’s not a bad price at all at $144.



Vault Pendant Light

I love this one for the simplicity of the shape, and the powder coated finish (which is more matte).  It comes in a large enough size to be on its own as a light, (23” in diameter), but I really like it as a small pendant (14.5” in diameter).  I imagine it hung in a row over an island countertop in a kitchen.  It takes a 75 W bulb, so it can give off some good light for a small fixture.

West Elm Industrial Pendant

Now the vault comes at a pretty price- $350 for the small size – so if you like that light but your budget doesn’t allow for it, West Elm has a light that can give you a very similar feel.  They have four sizes, and range in price from $19 to $149.  They come with a glossier finish, but I think would also look sharp in the medium or large size hung in a row.  And for fun, you could also mix in the colors.

Royan Floor Lamp and Royan Chandelier



Now on to a floor lamp that has a retro modern feel to it, that also comes in a hanging light fixture.  These lights actually have an antique bronze finish so technically they’re not black, but since the finish is so dark and the lampshades are black, I’m including them here (plus I think they look great!).   I think the floor lamp would be fantastic for an office or den of many different styles, or a living room if it’s designed in the retro/modern style.





The chandelier I imagine in an office (as pictured here), or den.   It’s not a “soft” light and it’s very minimal, so this one is pretty décor specific (i.e. modern minimalist) if you’re going to use it as a dining room fixture.  I think it’s a little more flexible in other applications.

Binary Hanging Lamp 

I just love handblown glass, and I think this smoky colored pendant is beautiful.  Especially with the twin bulbs which you don’t see often, I think it’s somewhat mesmerizing actually.

Tom Dixon Cone Light

Beautiful, elegant, and oh so modern.   I like the two lamps they show in a more office type setting, I think it would be really cool in a white space with a very open feeling.  At 29”, this is a large pendant, and with the black color, it needs some space around it.

Tom Dixon Beat Light - Fat

I confess with this next light I haven’t really figured out where I would put it, or what style it would look best with (although something along a Moroccan feel comes to mind), but I think the shape is so intriguing I had to include it.  I welcome your comments and thoughts on what to do with this light (as well as all the lights).