Lights as Art

I was researching another blog post I am intrigued to write (black lights – and not the kind that clubs used to use in the 80’s to make white vibrant), and as I was looking for them I came across Lzf lamps and I needed to share them with you first.  I think these lights are gorgeous works of art, and anywhere you have one it will be a conversation piece.   Plus, if you are patient there is usually a sale every 6 months on these lights on  (They are also offered on as well).

These lights are designed by multiple designers under the one brand, and they appear to be handmade.  And while that enhances their beauty, it also enhances the price unfortunately for those who fall in love with them.  So beware, these lights are mostly all above at least $1,000, and some are double that.  These are definitely modern pieces, I think they are most suited for a modern space, but if you were ready for a statement you could fit one into a contemporary design scheme.  But no traditionally designed houses for these lights.

Here are my favorites:





Link Floor Lamp

What a floor lamp!  I love the lampshade area (seems too much to just call it a lampshade), I love the base and the way they bring it up into where the light bulb is mounted.  I think it’s another great unique take on the tripod base.  All of these lights come in shades ranging from Orange, Red, Green, Grey, Yellow (seen here), and more neutral colors like American White Wood, Cherry, or Beech.  Even with the neutral colors these lights will stand out.


Talk about a pendant light.  I think all three of these are gorgeous.   The only challenge will be to have a space large enough to accommodate lights with so much presence.  But in a room that is large enough, one of these would be a sensational dining room lamp.






This light can be hung as a ceiling fixture, but I think it’s spectacular as a floor lamp, or a low hanging light as they show in this picture on the Lzf website (Esquire House shown in Esquire Magazine).  They would also be interesting as two floor lamps on either side of an entry into an interior courtyard, or if you have a long hallway that needs lighting.


This is a great simple hanging pendant, with a lot of style that would add a punch of color to any room.   It could be over a kitchen counter in an open floor plan area (it needs some space with all that color), could be in a child’s room, or in a lounge/family room.



Beautiful in its simplicity on its own, it is stunning in a grouped installation.   I think this image is clearly a more commercial application, but you could also use them alone or in a group of 3 in the small size down a hallway, or in a kitchen application.


The light in the middle of this picture below is the Link chain, and I think they’re gorgeous.  You may also notice the shape is the same as the floor lamp I started with.  The long version could be used over a stairwell or in the foyer of a modern style home.  The short one could be anything – dining room light, hanging light in a living room, in a tv room, and so many more places.


Shown here as a table lamp, they also have it as a floor lamp on the brand’s site.  I think the floor lamp would be wonderful in a child’s playroom, a classroom, in a creative office, or anywhere else to where you want to convey playfulness and inspire creativity.






I think the Onion light would be a great dining room pendant.  It comes in both vibrant colors (including a multi-color light which is great) as well as a few neutrals.  I would go all the way with this one in the vibrant color, I think the contrast with the interior globe shows this light at its best.



I Club Table Lamp

Perfect for a desk, including in a teenager’s room, I would find using this desk lamp so pleasing it would help with my productivity using the desk.  For some reason, this lamp makes me think of Apple products.  I think it’s the clean lines and simplicity of the design.