My Favorites from Thomas O’Brien

You may remember the Terri Cube Light from my last post, Glass & Crystal Bases.  It’s designed by Thomas O’Brien, produced by Visual Comfort & Co, and displayed on his Aero Studios site.   The Aero Studios site is very browse oriented, requiring you to scroll with a scroll bar instead of being able to view all the lights on one page.  It’s a little trying to be honest, but given that I needed to scroll through all the lights to find the Terri Cube Light, I did find a lot of other lights to love.   So maybe it actually works for them.  I couldn’t resist putting up a post of the lights from Thomas O’Brien that I loved the most.

This Derrick Tower Table Lamp light actually caught my eye in the store.  I think it’s a visually interesting light, pleasing to the eye, and I like the color of the base.  In the store the base looked a little darker which would make it a more flexible, but the one on the site looks quite bright, so you would have to have the right color scheme for this light to go in.

I love this set of three lights, and while it would look terrific over a billiard table (after all, the name is Bryant Billiard Light) I think you could also try using the fixture in other placements.  For instance: for something a little different using it instead of pendant lights if you had a low enough ceiling; in a finished basement over a console table or over a table where games are played; it could also work over a dining room table given the right dimensions and style of the room.

Here are two more of the tiny Terri lamps, I just can’t get enough of these little lights!  I love them in this round shape with the gold accent, and in particular I love the first one where the lampshade is closer to the base.   The installation in a bookcase remains my favorite new way to use a light, and these small ones are perfect if you’re looking to use that design feature.  But as I mentioned in the last post, these would also be great on a bedside table, a console table, small desk, etc.  Just pick the right size for the scale of where you’re using the light.

Terri Crystal Accent Light

Terri Crystal Accent Light

The second light is called the Tiny Terri Lamp. The dimensions for it are 5" wide, 5" deep, and 10.25" in height.  So it's really the height that is different, as well as how much of the light stem you see.  The tiny lamp is available in different base finishes - Crystal Glass, Alabaster, Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass, and Polished Silver.


I like the base of this Hannah Floor Lamp, reminiscent of a tripod but more unique.   I think the Aged Iron finish makes the lamp very versatile.  The finish would help it fit into a more traditional setting, but the shape would bring a modern note to traditional design.   In a modern setting, the shape would fit in but the aged iron finish would add a nice departure from heavy modern.  As I have mentioned before, I’m a big believer in mixing styles for a design that feels built over time, and multi-dimensional.


If you don’t have need of a floor lamp but like the line of the Hannah Floor Lamp, there is the Hannah Accent Lamp.  On an entry table, or small desk, or bedside table I think this light would look great.  This one truly is a tripod base design, and has two finishes – the aged iron, and gilded iron.  I think the gilded iron would look great in a more traditional setting.

Finally, an alternative if you need a Table Lamp (as opposed to a small accent light or Floor Lamp), here is yet another variation on the theme, the Nina Tapered Table Lamp.  Again available in multiple finishes, I like the simplicity of the design but think it holds its own and would make a great statement.  The finishes are Antique Nickel, Bronze, Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass, Polished Silver, and Rust.

I really like the uniqueness of the base of this Ong Abacus table lamp.  I’m not sure if it you can actually move the abacus beads, but it could provide hours of fun for any little ones around.   It has a bit of an Asian feeling, but made modern with the lampshade they have paired here.  I think it is very versatile, and could fit into a more traditional design or a transitional or mixed design scheme.  It adds an extra layer, referencing another country and makes it seem like it could be an item you found on your travels and brought home with you.

I haven’t mentioned any wall sconces yet, but this Hardy Cylinder Sconce caught my eye in the polished nickel finish.  I picture this in a bathroom flanking a mirror, and think it would bring such a clean, fresh look to the room.  Again, I think this is a pretty versatile light fixture – and could fit in almost any different style.

Lastly for this post, the Studio Paper Tier Lamp.  I love the interest the open “shelves” create on the lamp.  While I think it looks best as is, it could be a handy bedside table lamp, you could always put a book or two in the lamp.  It has a Dark Walnut with Polished Nickel finish (it’s hard to see in the picture but the sides and shelves are dark walnut, edged in the Polished Nickel).    This piece has a bit more of a masculine feel, and could be great for a more masculine design or in a room to balance some feminine features (where you have both a man and a woman sharing the room).